Laval technopole Economic Newsletter - Spring 2014


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Discover our Economic Newsletter Spring 2014.
In this special issue - Head offices: Alimentation Couche-Tard, Novexco, Multi Recyclage, Contant, Kolostat and Joanel

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Laval technopole Economic Newsletter - Spring 2014

  1. 1. ALAIN BOUCHARD Alimentation Couche-Tard, p. 4 V O L U M E 2 3, No. 01 S P R I N G 2 0 1 4 N E W S L E T T E R agropole | biotech city | e-pole business services and head offices pole industrial pole | leisure and tourism pole ECONOM I C NOVEXCO Robert de Montigny MULTI RECYCLAGE Sylvain Demers CONTANT Chantal Contant ALIMENTATION COUCHE-TARD Alain Bouchard KOLOSTAT Stan Segal JOANEL Johanne Boivin SPECIAL ISSUE HEAD OFFICES
  2. 2. ECONOMIC NEWSLETTER SPRING 2014– 02 – A BOOMING BUSINESS Novexco has been operating out of Laval since day one. In 2011, the company moved its head office to the Highway 25 Industrial Park on the east side of Laval, a location selected with the help of Laval Technopole. In addition to providing great visibility from Highway 440, the new facilities are spacious enough for the company to gather all employees in one place to better achieve its objectives for growth in a booming city with a thriving business community. Novexco’s new premises also include some 13,000 m2 of warehouse space, increasing the company’s storage capacity thanks to convenient 9.8‑metre high ceilings. Products are stored following precise guidelines to rationalise logistics and ensure delivery to customers anywhere in Quebec within 24 hours. Novexco offers over 16,000 products, 2,000 of which were just added to the list in 2013. The company continues to enjoy great success and enhances customer loyalty by diversifying its offering to meet demand. “You always have to keep reinventing yourself and innovating in an industry that isn’t really that innovative to begin with,” says Robert de Montigny. A born entrepreneur, his goal is to continually expand the Novexco range of products, making sure his company is always at the leading edge of technology to reduce errors and serve customers better than ever. This commitment to innovation is one of the many factors that enables Novexco to play its part in helping the office supply industry grow. According to de Montigny, the key to running a successful business is developing a strategic plan, focusing on objectives, persevering, being thorough and keeping employees well motivated. The president and CEO must know what he’s talking about since Novexco was recognized as one of Canada’s 50 best managed companies by Deloitte in 2012. A MAJOR ACQUISITION In a transaction that met the business objectives of both companies, Novexco acquired the Canadian division of Lyreco on January 1, 2014. The strategic partnership created in the process provided Novexco with the opportunity of serving Lyreco’s international customers across Canada. By combining their strengths and expertise, Lyreco Canada and Novexco now make up the largest Canadian‑owned company in its field, and the third largest overall in the Canadian market. Thanks to its wide range of office products and streamlined operations, Novexco is phenomenally successful in Quebec. And now that the company has acquired Lyreco Canada, it has the means to satisfy even more customers from coast to coast. A QUEBEC LEADER IN OFFICE PRODUCTS NOVEXCO Novexco came into being when two groups of independent office supply retailers, Sopa and Bureaulab, merged in 1996. The 100% Canadian company offers a variety of innovative solutions in marketing, technology and office product procurement through its network of BuroPLUS and Club express stores. It also sells directly to retailers and consumers through its business divisions as well as online. FOR MORE INFORMATION Please contact Robert de Montigny, president and chief executive officer, at 514-335-8521 or at Robert de Montigny, President NOVEXCO ACQUIRED THE CANADIAN DIVISION OF LYRECO ON JANUARY 1, 2014.
  3. 3. ECONOMIC NEWSLETTER SPRING 2014– 03 – QUEBEC’S DRY WASTE RECYCLING EXPERTS MULTI RECYCLAGE Sylvain Demers founded Multi Recyclage in 1993 to provide an eco-friendly solution to treating dry waste. The Laval company sorts, processes and reclaims as much debris from construction, renovation and demolition sites as possible, extending their services to municipalities as well as commercial and residential customers across Quebec. AN EXTENSIVE SERVICE OFFERING With its head office in Laval, Multi Recyclage is part of a growing network of companies operating out of the bustling city. Nestled between Montréal and the North Shore, the third-largest city in Quebec is proving to be a prime location for business operations of every type. Multi Recyclage rents out nearly 1,000 containers with capacities ranging from 10 to 40 yd3 (7.6 to 30 m3 ) to collect dry waste materials – such as wood, brick and concrete – from construction and demolition sites. Discarded materials are brought to the company’s sorting facility where they’re separated mechanically as well as by hand before being processed and reclaimed. Multi Recyclage also provides demolition and decontamination services for industrial sites. MAXIMUM RECYCLING POWER The Laval company currently recycles 80% of the construction waste it collects, a figure it hopes to raise to 100% within the next few years. To achieve this goal, Multi Recyclage is always on the lookout for new recycling processes inspired by methods developed in Europe, where the current benchmarks in the field are being set. Multi Recyclage puts its meticulous methods, expert knowledge and imagination to work finding innovative ways of enhancing dry waste sorting techniques with maximum efficiency and total respect for the environment. “In business, you find success but you also encounter failure. The important thing is to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and never give up,” says Sylvain Demers. The Multi Recyclage president adds that in order to succeed, you need vision, the right team, and the ability to communicate your objectives effectively so everyone can work on achieving them together. The company’s strong eco-conscience is behind Multi Recyclage’s ongoing search for new ways to convert recyclable dry materials into a dependable resource for the future. But contributing to sustainable development also means minimizing landfill waste to ensure a better world for future generations. Demers hopes to educate Quebec municipalities and businesses on the benefits of recycling and to encourage them to send their dry waste to a treatment facility rather than a landfill site. While enjoying strong growth, Multi Recyclage continues to build on its reputation for excellence with a full range of services FOR MORE INFORMATION Please contact Sylvain Demers, President, at 450-625-9191 or at and a comprehensive commitment to the environment and the future. The variety of sustainable solutions it offers for managing dry waste provides an opportunity to showcase Laval know-how across Quebec. Sylvain Demers, President THE COMPANY’S STRONG ECO-CONSCIENCE IS BEHIND MULTI RECYCLAGE’S ONGOING SEARCH FOR NEW WAYS TO CONVERT RECYCLABLE DRY MATERIALS INTO A DEPENDABLE RESOURCE FOR THE FUTURE.
  4. 4. ECONOMIC NEWSLETTER SPRING 2014– 04 – A SOUND BUSINESS MODEL Looking to build on a stellar reputation earned across Canada, Couche-Tard continues its expansion into international markets. The company already operates some 12,500 stores in 18 countries (6,000 in North America, 4,000 in Asia and 2,500 in Europe). Couche‑Tard has been on a sustained growth curve since day one, mainly because of an expansion strategy that focuses on acquisitions and affiliations with gas stations. In fact, 80% of Couche‑Tard locations sell fuel. Talk about convenience! And in an effort to meet customer needs even more, the company has developed its own line of ready‑to‑eat prepared foods that are flying off the shelves. In the spring of 2012, the Laval multinational acquired Norwegian gas station chain Statoil to spearhead its Europe conquest. By adding 2,300 Statoil locations in eight Northern European countries, Couche‑Tard has greatly enhanced its position in this lucrative market. In 2013, Couche‑Tard acquired 36 locations in New Mexico, Florida and Georgia. These stores – which now operate under the Circle K banner – are at the core of the company’s business plan for escalating activities in the U.S. market as well. Couche‑Tard is a major player in today’s North American convenience store industry. The company’s success is a tremendous source of pride for all Quebecers. With its remarkable growth on the international market, Couche‑Tard is well on the way to achieving its goal of operating 25,000 convenience stores worldwide, an ambition it is certain to fulfill thanks to its dedicated team and winning business strategy. PART OF THE LAVAL LANDSCAPE FOR OVER 30 YEARS Couche-Tard’s first headquarters and service centre were located in Laval. But by 2010, its steady growth made larger premises a necessity. When the time came to pick the ideal location for the new Couche‑Tard offices, Alain Bouchard brought his 260 Laval‑based employees into the selection process. The decision was unanimous, with everyone agreeing that Laval offered the perfect blend of opportunities for professional and personal development. The youthful and vibrant city features a host of advantages for Couche‑Tard corporate staff, including an extensive public transportation network and a short commute. The city also has a rich pool of mostly bilingual skilled labour. The new Couche‑Tard headquarters and service centre were built in just 12 months, an impressive accomplishment made possible by Laval Technopole, which helped streamline the process of finding land and getting construction permits. Since the move in 2010, the company has been operating out of 4,645 m2 of office space, half of which is walled with windows to create a work environment bathed in natural light that is a real boost to employee well-being. COUCHE-TARD PICKS LAVAL AS BASE FOR ITS HEAD OFFICE ALIMENTATION COUCHE-TARD Alain Bouchard opened the first Couche-Tard convenience store back in 1980 in Laval. Every day since then, the company’s top priority has been to provide a product offering that meets customer needs along with fast service. A Canadian leader in the convenience store industry, Couche-Tard continues to enjoy phenomenal growth and shows no signs of slowing down. FOR MORE INFORMATION Please contact executive assistant, Martine Coutu, at 450-662-6602 or at Alain Bouchard, President and Chief Operating Officer COUCHE-TARD CONTINUES ITS EXPANSION INTO INTERNATIONAL MARKETS.
  5. 5. ECONOMIC NEWSLETTER SPRING 2014– 05 – THREE DEALERSHIPS IN QUEBEC The Contant head office has been in Laval going back to day one when the company first opened its doors for business. Since taking over from her father, Chantal Contant, Gaston’s granddaughter, has been upholding the company’s mission of meeting customer needs by providing them with world‑class products and a buying experience second to none. A number of other family members also work for the company, each contributing in their own special way to Contant’s stellar reputation across Quebec. Contant has been a leader in selling new and used Bombardier recreational products at competitive prices for over 40 years. The Laval company offers a wide range of recreational vehicles, including Ski-Doo snowmobiles, Spyder three‑wheeled motorcycles and Sea‑Doo jet‑skies, as well as an extensive line of accessories, apparel and snow removal equipment. To round out its offering and further satisfy customer needs, Contant started making its own brand of snow‑blowers in 1997. Contant opened a second successful location in Mirabel in 2008, doubling sales within its first year. To keep the momentum going, they opened a franchise in Sainte‑Agathe in 2009, adding jet‑skies to its range of products, followed by Cypress Cay pontoons in 2010, and Scarab and Centurion boats in 2014. WORLD-CLASS SERVICE What really makes Contant stand out from the competition and keep its reputation strong is its team of highly‑skilled BRP‑certified technicians. Outstanding customer service and sound personalized advice have always been core concerns for the company. To this end, Contant more than doubled its workforce from 75 employees in 2008 to 155 in 2014. No wonder loyal customers keep coming back year after year to upgrade their products or buy new equipment. While Contant does export products to Ontario and New Brunswick, the company’s priority remains staying on top in Quebec. “Our goal is to cater to every need in the Quebec marketplace to strengthen our position as the dealership of choice for recreational products and to ensure steady growth for our franchises,” says Chantal Contant. Future plans include expanding the Contant product line and opening a fourth Quebec location in the next couple of years, two major projects that speak volumes about the company’s potential for growth. Thanks to the synergy between its dealerships and team of experts, Contant enjoys an enduring reputation for excellence in Quebec, while becoming the largest retailer of Bombardier recreational products in North America in the process. LAVAL COMPANY SETS THE BENCHMARK IN MOTORIZED RECREATIONAL PRODUCTS CONTANT Gaston Contant founded the company that bears his name in Laval in the 1930s. Incorporated in 1976, Contant today distributes motorized recreational products through dealerships in Laval, Mirabel and Sainte‑Agathe. Third‑generation president, Chantal Contant, is looking to expand to new markets in North America. FOR MORE INFORMATION Please contact Chantal Contant, President, at 450-666-6676 or at Chantal Contant, President JOB CREATION 75 2008 2014 155employees employees
  6. 6. ECONOMIC NEWSLETTER SPRING 2014– 06 – HEAD OFFICE MOVES TO NEW LAVAL LOCATION KOLOSTAT LAVAL: THE CITY OF CHOICE Heating contractors Samuel S. Segal and Paul George Billick founded Kolostat, originally setting up shop in Montréal. After earning a stellar reputation with customers, the company expanded its service offering, setting it on a path to steady growth. The HVAC (heating, ventilating and air‑conditioning) experts relocated to Laval in 1970 to do business with Rojec, a company Kolostat eventually acquired in 2010. With business booming, a move to expanded office space became a necessity. Stan Segal and John Billick, sons of the founders and current top executives, agreed that staying in Laval was the best option since half their 250 employees already worked in the bustling city, directly contributing more than ever to Kolostat’s success. The company also has some 60 staff members in Ontario, including 10 at the Toronto office. The Kolostat team began working in their new 2,787 m2 location in January, a more spacious and comfortable environment that promotes both growth and productivity. As an added bonus, employees have easy access to two major highways (the 440 and the 15) and public transportation which makes getting to work a breeze. INNOVATION AND QUALITY REMAIN TOP PRIORITIES Kolostat credits its multidisciplinary team for its ongoing achievements. The ability of these talented individuals to carry out complex projects and their one‑of‑a‑kind approach to innovation guarantee that projects are delivered on time and within budget, key factors in keeping customers satisfied. Kolostat designs and installs high‑performance mechanical systems for existing buildings as well as those under construction, a level of expertise that can deliver maximum energy efficiency and comfort for occupants in buildings of all types. Kolostat also offers personalized preventive maintenance services to meet precise customer needs and ensure flawless functioning of all HVAC equipment. FOR MORE INFORMATION Please contact Stan Segal, President, at 514-333-7333, extension 333 or at When Kolostat opened for business in 1927, it specialized in heating systems exclusively. A lot has changed since then with the company expanding and diversifying its offering. Today, Kolostat designs, installs and maintains high‑quality mechanical systems for buildings that specifically meet the energy‑efficiency needs and concerns of its customers. The company just recently moved into a new head office in Laval, a change that highlights its sustained growth and solidifies its position as a leader in mechanical building systems. Innovation is at the core of all Kolostat’s operations. While engineers and designers customize their approach to cater to the exact requirements of each project, they always implement best practices acquired in previous undertakings in the process. By making safe and optimal use of the latest technologies available, these highly‑skilled professionals continue to develop the most innovative solutions in the field. “We’re proud to help clients like Bell Canada and Hagen become LEED certified. The Hagen building was one of the first in Quebec to earn this prestigious certification,” says Kolostat president, Stan Segal. With over 85 years of successful experience under its belt, Kolostat is an undisputed leader in high-quality, efficient and sustainable mechanical systems. The decision to remain in Laval will prove to be another winning choice for the company as it continues to evolve in an environment built for success. Stan Segal, President KOLOSTAT HIGHLY‑SKILLED PROFESSIONALS CONTINUE TO DEVELOP THE MOST INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS IN THE FIELD.
  7. 7. ECONOMIC NEWSLETTER SPRING 2014– 07 – FOR MORE INFORMATION Please contact Nathalie Roberge, Vice-President of strategic and international development, at 450-963-6069, extension 5224 or at A PROMINENT FEATURE ON THE LAVAL LANDSCAPE In 2007, JOANEL INC. converted a heritage home in Laval into an energy‑efficient facility that includes a design studio and an international distribution centre. The 2,508 m2 head office conserves considerable energy thanks to eco-friendly practices. Boivin’s commitment to sustainable development and its meticulous management approach won JOANEL INC. two Dunamis Awards in 2008 in the “Investment Project” and “Distributor‑Wholesaler” categories. In 2012, the company opened a 278.8 m2 flagship store on Le Carrefour Boulevard in Laval. The chic and sleek boutique is the perfect venue for JOANEL INC. to display and promote its brands and trendsetting collections of carefully crafted products, high‑quality leather and synthetic fashion handbags, wallets, wine holders, as well as travel and office accessories. While showcasing its know‑how across North America, the company has experienced sustained growth thanks to its online store and network of 2,000 points of sales across Canada and the U.S. where its products are available. JOANEL INC. also designs private label collections of accessories and handbags for Canadian multinationals like Cirque du Soleil, Bureau en Gros, Sears and Pajar. SUSTAINED GROWTH IN THE U.S. MARKET JOANEL INC. participated in the “Internationalizing your SME” program developed by the International Business Centre in collaboration with Mercadex in 2011. The following year, the company started exporting goods to the U.S. after entering into an agreement with hotel giant MGM Resorts International for distribution of high‑end products in stores throughout its luxury properties in Las Vegas. The Laval house of design is currently in talks with Macy’s chain of department stores about creating a partnership to help build up its presence in the U.S. even more. JOANEL INC. generates 5% of its sales outside Quebec, a figure it hopes to raise with its new smart bag. Part of the LUX collection, the product has an LED lighting system built into its lining. The patented smart fabric technology is designed to make life easier for today’s modern woman to quickly locate items in the bag. With over 35 years’ experience in the fashion industry under her very stylish belt, Boivin is an undisputed leading light, combining her expertise and creative talent to design elegant contemporary collections with mass appeal. The company president stresses how important it is to “stay focused on your goals and let your creative passions run free” in order to stand out in the leather goods industry. Boivin plans to keep expanding her business here in Canada while increasing exports to U.S. markets, an objective that should not present a problem thanks to a wide range of stylish, superior‑quality products. When noted designer and businesswoman Johanne Boivin founded JOANEL INC. in 1991, she set up shop in Laval, a city well on the way to becoming a fashion destination of choice, just a few years later. JOANEL INC. produces handbags, fashion accessories and other leather goods for men and women marketed under four well-known labels: Ugo Santini, Joanel, Mouflon and Edgar & Sooky. Johanne Boivin, President A CANADIAN LEADER IN THE LEATHER GOODS INDUSTRY JOANEL INC.
  8. 8. SYLVIE GAUTHIER Director, Marketing and Communication CLAIRE MONTEIL Senior Advisor, Marketing and Communication SPRING 2014 ECONOMIC NEWSLETTER PUBLISHED BY: LAVAL TECHNOPOLE 1555 Chomedey Boulevard Suite 100 Laval, Quebec, H7V 3Z1 Telephone: 450-978-5959 Fax: 450-978-5970 30 POS
  9. 9. V O L U M E 2 3, No. 01 S P R I N G 2 0 1 4 INTERNATIONAL N E W S L E T T E R LAVAL TECHNOPOLE International Business Centre OLYMPIC VETERANS Following its resounding success at the London Olympics, Show Canada won its biggest contract to date, the Sochi Games. With international clients looking to benefit from its expertise and innovative concepts, it’s no wonder the company brings in 80% of its sales from foreign markets. Show Canada designed most of the set structures used to install the 13,000 m2 floor inside Fisht Olympic Stadium. From floating islands 30 metres long to massive stage lifts and expandable columns, presenting a project of this magnitude proved to be an awesome technical feat for the firm. Show Canada only had 10 months to meet the challenge, which required staff to make full use of their resourcefulness and creativity. Close to 200 people put their talents to work in Laval, building and testing materials with total attention to detail. Once up to code, set and stage pieces were assembled and tested in the old Dominion Bridge facilities in Lachine under top secret security before being shipped in sealed containers by cargo jet for final assembly in Sochi. WORKING IN RUSSIA To ensure smooth running of operations for the Olympics project, Labadie opened a Russian division of Show Canada with offices in Moscow and Sochi. The International Business Centre was a great help to the company, expediting visa requests for employees, with the support of the international mobility service of the Centre local de développement (CLD), and providing sound advice on banking matters and the law. Labadie plans to use Show Canada’s new business presence in Russia to expand activities there over the next few years. The weather in Sochi was tough on the 80 Show Canada employees on location. For example, the open roof of the stadium lead to an accumulation of rainwater that resulted in equipment requiring replacement. “I’m so proud of my staff for not giving up, no matter what the working conditions were” says Labadie. Weather issues aside, the president of Show Canada encourages Canadian entrepreneurs to look into the Russian market and the many business opportunities in the manufacturing sector there. Since delivering an exceptional product seen around the world, Show Canada has been offered a number of other high-profile projects, including the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. The Laval company also plans to expand to markets in China where it will open a 13,006 m2 factory in June. Thanks to its extensive list of amazing technical achievements, Show Canada was given the opportunity of showcasing Quebec expertise in Russia, thrilling audiences around the world with its know-how and creativity in the process. More than just a great success story, Show Canada proves that the show must go on… no matter what! Since founding Show Canada in 1999, Jean Labadie has been blowing audiences away with a string of world-class projects, including set design pieces for Cirque du Soleil shows and ensuring the optimal performance of technical elements at the Vancouver and London Olympics. This year, Show Canada designed the set elements for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sochi, an amazing technical achievement that makes the Laval company a recognized global leader in the field of scenography. LAVAL EXPERTISE WINS GOLD AT SOCHI OLYMPICS SHOW CANADA FOR MORE INFORMATION Please contact Show Canada Industries at 450-664-5155 or at
  10. 10. INTERNATIONAL NEWSLETTER SPRING 2014– 02 – I’M LEAVING YOU IN GOOD HANDS WHILE I’M ON LEAVE I’m pleased to announce that Bruno Séguin, an advisor at the Laval Technopole International Business Centre for the past eight years, will take over as the department interim director while I’m on a one-year maternity leave beginning in April 2014. I have every confidence Bruno will do a terrific job thanks to his many talents and the support of our team of professionals dedicated to ensuring your success in exporting your products and services. Bruno and his team will continue to uphold the International Business Centre’s mission of supporting Laval entrepreneurs by putting them into contact with the right people and providing them with the tools they need to build and maintain a strong reputation worldwide. The businesses featured in this newsletter are all exporters we’ve had the pleasure of working with in their quest to conquer new markets around the world. For 2014-2015, it’s time to develop the International Business Centre’s new three-year strategic plan, so we’ll be consulting with you once again to ensure that we continue to meet your needs and expectations. I look forward to seeing all of you again in a year’s time. Happy reading! VÉRONIQUE PROULX EMBA Colombia offers great business opportunities for Quebec SMEs in a host of sectors. On January 24, Colombian President, Juan Manuel Santos, tweeted an announcement during the Davos Forum stating his country’s economy now ranks third in Latin America, just behind Brazil and Mexico. A MARKET MADE FOR QUEBEC SME Colombia is among the most promising emerging countries thanks to a combination of favourable factors, including economic and political stability, a growing middle class, a successful government-backed security strategy, and a modern, diversified economy with a large domestic market. Quebec SMEs also have easier access for exports there thanks to the preferential trade agreement between Canada and Colombia that came into effect on August 15, 2011. According to Export Development Canada (EDC), these are the key sectors for Quebec companies: • Construction and infrastructure • Electricity • Environmental infrastructure and wastewater • Machinery – Packaging, industrial and analytical instruments • Oil and natural gas • Telecom From a demographic standpoint, the average Colombian is 30 years old. There are also 9.5 million people over 50, a number that is expected to reach 11.8 million in 2020. Colombia is a relatively untapped market for businesses with products and services for seniors, specifically in the housing, healthcare, tourism and financial services sectors. Of course older consumers are more inclined to be loyal to a brand, and to purchase traditional products that are easy to handle. On my last trip to Colombia, as part of a trade mission organized by the International Business Centre, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Colombian entrepreneurs have a very high opinion of their Laval counterparts. Colombians tend to favour northern countries over European or Asian ones when doing business. The similarities between our two cultures greatly facilitate business exchanges as well. CHALLENGES WITH OPPORTUNITIES As you can see, the Colombian market is very buoyant, but ensuring sustained growth could be tricky because of existing infrastructures. For example, according to the EDC’s chief economist, inland transport costs within the country are five times higher than freight charges between Asia and Colombia. In order to address this issue, the government has launched an ambitious $27 billion infrastructure improvement program. Another area that remains of concern despite government initiatives is public institutions, especially the regulatory process and ongoing security and corruption issues. Fortunately, a number of solutions have been designed to mitigate the risks for SMEs. In view of Colombia’s immense potential and benefits for our businesses, the EDC officially inaugurated a new representation in Bogotá (its 16th representation abroad) in February 2014 to help meet the current and future needs of Canadian stakeholders in this thriving market. Will you be taking advantage of the Colombian boom? If you’re interested in this market, please contact me. WHY NOT COLOMBIA? BLOGGER’S CORNER COUNTRY’S ECONOMY NOW RANKS THIRD IN LATIN AMERICA, JUST BEHIND BRAZIL AND MEXICO. A WORD FROM THE DIRECTOR Caroline Bouchard Visit our blog at
  11. 11. INTERNATIONAL NEWSLETTER SPRING 2014– 03 – Louis Leclair is the driving force behind Fourgons Transit, the company his mother founded in Laval in 1978. The family business has 200 employees. In its 11,613 m2 factory, they build a wide range of truck bodies for use in various industries. The company currently delivers 2,000 units annually and continues to expand to markets across Canada. Fourgons Transit has been exporting truck bodies to our Ontario neighbours since the fall of 2013. With the Laval company hoping to generate 5% of sales outside Quebec by the end of this year, joining the “Internationalizing your SME” program developed by the International Business Centre in collaboration with Mercadex was a very smart move. The International Business Centre’s personalized coaching is helping Leclair and his team develop a winning internationalization strategy through a Marc-André Bovet founded BONE Structure® in Laval in 2005 with the goal of transforming the housing and construction industries. The idea behind the company is simple: use steel structures that can be assembled easily to create energy‑efficient contemporary living spaces. Inspired by automotive and aerospace engineering, BONE Structure technology is on its way to giving the worldwide housing industry a well‑deserved makeover. BONE Structure is already on the road to success in Canada as the first step in introducing its revolutionary concept to the rest of the world. Bovet anticipates generating 80% of 2014 sales outside Quebec while promoting production and job creation right here at home. To meet this objective, BONE Structure took part in the “Internationalizing your SME” program developed by the International Business Centre in collaboration with Mercadex. The International Business Centre’s customized coaching helped the structured approach based on in-depth market research. The Fourgons Transit president says export procedures can be quite complex and should never be taken lightly. Being prepared for doing business in targeted markets is the only way to go. In the long term, the company plans to export to the Northeastern U.S., another very promising neighbouring market. company develop an action plan to break into various markets, including Ontario and British Columbia, where BONE Structure started building its first homes earlier this year. Bovet also plans to open sales offices in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and California by 2015. He encourages Laval entrepreneurs to really get to know the ins and outs of targeted markets and to find the right support when it comes to export procedures to ensure they have all the bases covered. FOR MORE INFORMATION Please contact Louis Leclair, President, at 514-382-0104 or at FOR MORE INFORMATION Please contact Marc-André Bovet, President, at 450-978-0602 or at FOURGONS TRANSIT BONE STRUCTURE BUILDING A SOLID REPUTATION IN HOUSING TECHNOLOGY CANADIAN LEADER IN TRUCK BODY MANUFACTURING
  12. 12. INTERNATIONAL NEWSLETTER SPRING 2014– 04 – Founded in Laval in 2010, Devrun specializes in web analytics. The company has eight employees to deliver website design and optimization services to small and big businesses in both Quebec and the U.S. At present, 30% of Devrun’s sales are US‑based. The Laval company plans to continue enhancing its reputation as it expands into the U.S. market. In an effort to achieve this goal, Devrun took part, in December 2013, in the International Business Centre’s trade mission in California. The one‑of‑a‑kind experience helped Devrun management score their first contract with solar‑energy giant SunPower Corporation and presented the opportunity for both parties to outline the first steps in the project then and there. California is ground zero for innovative companies at the leading edge of technology Sotech Nitram opened its doors for business in 1981. Jacinthe Martin, the founder’s daughter, is now at the wheel of the transportation brokerage family business. Established in Laval since 2002, the third-party logistics (3PL) provider offers land, air, sea and rail transport services for shipments originating from or destined to anywhere in North America. Thanks to its variety of Canadian and U.S. partners, the company derives 95% of its sales from cross-border transport. In an effort to increase its U.S. customer base, Sotech Nitram took part in the International Business Centre’s trade mission to California in December 2013. The event gave Martin the perfect opportunity to meet with potential business partners, including several leaders of 3PL firms, with the goal of building strategic looking for the right service providers to meet their needs. According to Devrun president, Jonathan Roy, making first contact with potential clients is always the hardest part in getting new business. His advice to anyone contemplating exporting is to carry out thorough market research so you really know where you’re going and to spare no effort in making sure you have a clear, well developed service offer before you get there. alliances. The company president encourages businesses to consult with specialists like those at the International Business Centre when dealing with export procedures to help speed up the process and take advantage of their extensive knowledge of world markets. With over 30 years of solid experience under its belt, Sotech Nitram and its team of professionals provide transportation solutions designed to exceed even the highest customer expectations. FOR MORE INFORMATION Please contact Jonathan Roy, President, at 514-323-2992, extension 100, or at FOR MORE INFORMATION Please contact Jacinthe Martin, President, at 514-975-2100, extension 530, or at SOTECH NITRAM DESTINATION: NORTH AMERICA SPRING 2014 INTERNATIONAL NEWSLETTER PUBLISHED BY: LAVAL TECHNOPOLE 1555 Chomedey Boulevard, Suite 100, Laval, Quebec, H7V 3Z1 Telephone: 450-978-5959 I Fax: 450-978-5970 I I The LAVAL TECHNOPOLE International Business Centre receives financial support from: DEVRUN A SMALL COMPANY WITH BIG IDEAS 30 POS