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Storyboard - handdrawn

  1. 1. Storyboard Presentation
  2. 2. 1-12 On the first few storyboards, the audience should be able to see the link to the video as it reflects the story within it. It begins with a female staring at her computer screen reading the email her ex has sent her. The third image is to show the look on her face after reading the email, showing how disappointed she is in what he is saying and that she believes he’s a waste of space. This then moves on to her ‘moving on’ by looking through her wardrobe and trying on different outfits in order to go out and forget the person, as she is doing this though, there is someone at the door who happens to be the guy and she tells him she isn’t interested. This then progresses into the chorus by this time and there should b a clip of her singing (miming) to the music in the street, and then still outside, looking at a picture of the ex. This is before she tears it up and throws it in the air to sort of finalise the break up for the audiences sakes. At this time there will be close ups of the picture and then a long shot of the pieces torn and thrown before moving on to miming whilst slowly walking round the tree.
  3. 3. 13-24 A fade will then be followed through with to the next shot of her sitting on a wall and looking down the street, letting time pass her by before walking down the road. This last shot will then cut to the next of her on the bed, looking at some pictures of her ex cheating (that have been sent to her). The audience will then gain a close up of a couple of the photographs before seeing her crying over them. This will hopefully have a dreamy kind of effect so that it appears more of a flashback/memory, than the current story to her love life. This again will then cut to a clip of her applying make up as part of going out as she was before the interruption of the door and then hopefully the image of the her ex cheating will fade very quickly in and out before fading to her opening the door to a friend and laughing down the street together. This then builds up to the chorus, where again she will mime to it, standing by a garage door and then a wall so that the background is quite plain and the attention is kept on her.
  4. 4. 25-36 The video will then cut to her getting ready for going out again, doing her hair this time though before lying on the floor and miming to the music, and fading back into her walking down the drive to enter the house. There is a mid-shot of her putting the key in the door and opening, before fading into her entering the room and slinging her coat onto the chair. The images will then once again fade and a technique used so that there is either a heart fade or hearts running over the image of the new boyfriend. After this fade the audience will see a close up of the laptop with files and folders open, with one named Luke. This will follow through with a deleting process that the audience can go through with her so it is as though they are part of the experience. This will then move to her lying in her bed in her pyjamas staring at the new boyfriends picture before flipping to a few seconds of darkness after she puts the light off. The next image will show the actress getting up from bed and staring at the bin where the torn pieces of the photographs are from her ex, before taking a flashback to the images of him with another girl.
  5. 5. 37-48 This leads on to her showing almost a ‘it’s in the past I’m happy now’ look where she stands on the bed at there is a long shot showing pictures on the rose canvas before showing a close up of the images and panning down over the canvas before fading into a flashback of another old picture. This will fade back into the current situation where we see the females looking through the window and smiling on the phone before moving away. When the video fades it will fade back into the house and see her coming down the stairs just finishing her phone conversation, grabbing her coat and walking towards her car. There will then be a close up of the key in the ignition and her hand turning it before there is a long shot of her in the car before flipping back into the car and following the journey for a few seconds. This will then cut to her moving out of the car and walking down the path to meet her friend.
  6. 6. 49-54 This will then cut to the friends laughing and watching a romantic film where there will be a flashback of her crying before cutting to the last scene where she’s walking away from the past down the drive. On this clip, certain words such as ‘time’ and ‘get over yourself’ will be lightly engraved into the image so the message gets across that she is over the ex. This will then follow through with slow motion and walking down the steps, past the tree and down so more steps before fading out to the music.