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Let me introduce


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Trabajos de clase

Published in: Education
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Let me introduce

  1. 1. LET ME INTRODUCE a) What is your name? - My name is Laura Orrego González b) How old are you? - I am sixteen years old c) Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? - Yes, I have a boyfriend d) Where do you study? - I study at I.E Colegio Loyola Para La Ciencia Y La Innovación e) Where do you live? - I live in Envigado f) Do you have any special talent? - Yes, I have a special talent g) What do you in your free time? - Share with my friends - Correction: I like spending time with my friend h) Do you like sports? - Yes, I like sports i) What is you favorite sport? - My favorite sports are skating and swimming j) Do you practice sports? Which ones? - No, I don’t k) What in your favorite Tv show? - My favorite Tv show is ‘Locos por la tele’ l) What is your favorite movie? - My favorite movie in ‘No se aceptan devoluciones’ m) What in your favorite music? - My favorite music is Salsa n) What is your favorite singer?
  2. 2. - My favorite singer is Maelo Ruiz o) What is you favorite song? - My favorite song are ‘La cita’ by: Gali Galeano and ‘Usted’ by: Tito Rojas p) Do you like reading? - I little - Correction: I like to read a little q) What is your favorite book? - My favorite book is ‘Dulce Compañia’ by: Laura Restrepo r) What is your favorite subject at school? - My favorite subject at school in Matematicas, because I like it’s logic s) Who is you favorite teacher at school? Why? - My favorite teacher at school is Nery, because I like her teaching. 2. Join with a parther and ask and answer the questions to each other. Take notes. This is Angelica Gil Barrientos, she is fifteen years old, she do not have a boyfriend, she studys at I.E Colegio Loyola Para La Ciencia Y La Innovación, she live in Aranjuez, she do not have a special talent, she like to spend time with friends, she like sports, her favorite sports is walking, she doesn’t practice sports, her favorite Tv show is ‘The simpson’, her favorite movie is ‘3 Metros Sobre El Cielo’, her favorite music is all music, her favorite singer is ‘Nicky Jam’, her favorite songs is ‘Todo Cambio’ by: Nicky Jam, she like reading, her favorite book is ‘3 Metros Sobre El Cielo’ by: Federico, her favorite subject at school is Biologia, because she likes nature, her favorite teacher at school is Robinson, because he teach very well. 4. a) Do you have interests and/or activites in common with your partnes? Which one or which ones? - Yes, we like to read
  3. 3. - Yes, we like speding time with a friends b) Would you like to practice any of the activities your partners do? Which one or which ones? No, I would not