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Mastery Journal Timeline

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Mastery Journal Timeline

  1. 1. Mastery Journey Timeline LAURIE BIZZELL MDL501-O | TERM C201407 | SECTION 01
  3. 3. End Goal To complete the courses, gain industry knowledge and utilize existing skill set to deepen an understanding on eCommerce Marketing. This will be accomplished by employing strategies, mentors and additional involvement with school. IndustryStrategies •Marketing Certifications •Local Networking Groups •Secure a Local Mentor SchoolInvolvement •Join the Social Media Club •Utilize Career Development •Follow fellow student Tumblr blogs IdealMentor •Knowledgeable in eCommerce Marketing •Industry Connections •Invested in my success •Honest and hard working
  4. 4. July 2014: Mastery: Personal and Professional Leadership Goal  Clarify a vision for what I want and how to achieve it.  Find purpose and balance in Family/Work/School Strategies  Identify short term and long term goals  Utilize Full Sail University Resources  Read Robert Green’s “Mastery”  Research field certification and credentials
  5. 5. August 2014: Internet Marketing Fundamentals Goal  Learn basics, principles and fundamentals of Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Strategies  Utilize IMMS Resource Guide provided by Full Sail University  Read Digital minds: 12 things every business needs to know about digital marketing.. (2013). Victoria, BC: FriesenPress.  Join the Social Media Alliance of Chattanooga
  6. 6. September 2014: Business Storytelling and Brand Development Goal  Learn how to build and maintain a brand for an online presence Strategies  Attend local storytelling group to help stimulate creative flow  Review Ries, A., & Ries, L. (2014). The 22 immutable laws of branding. S.l.: HarperCollins e-Books.  Interview local branding managers for industry insight and mentor  Utilize IMMS resource -- The 2010 Creativity 50
  7. 7. October 2014: Internet Consumer Behavior and Analysis Goal  Dive deeper in to why consumers do what they do online and how they do it.  Learn how to analyze the data. Strategies  Review and subscribe to Search Engine Journal  Complete online course Ecommerce Analytics: From Data to Decisions – Google  Read Close, A. (2012). Online consumer behavior: theory and research in social media, advertising, and e-tail. New York: Routledge.  Utilize for analysis insight
  8. 8. November 2014: Web Design and Usability Goal  Learn the details of web development and usability to create a site that users will use Strategies  Read Krug, S. (2013). Don't make me think, revisited: a common sense approach to Web usability(Third ed.).  Attend usability session in local lab  Research Usability Engineer Careers at FSU Career Center
  9. 9. December 2014: New Media Marketing Goal  Learn how to apply cutting edge marketing methodologies in the business world. Strategies  Attend IMMS Events  Read Ann Arbor SPARK Awarded IEDC Excellence Award for New Media Marketing. (2013, November 2). Marketing Weekly News.  Attend local Marketing Social Groups
  10. 10. January 2015: Advanced Internet Marketing Strategies Goal  Building on the fundamentals, learn marketing at the next level  Create and implement strategies Strategies  Read Amerland, D. (2013). Google semantic search: search engine optimization (SEO) techniques that get your company more traffic, increase brand impact and amplify your online presence.  Complete Google Digital Marketing Course and AdWords Certification  Utilize Business Source Complete to research potential employment opportunities
  11. 11. February 2015: Advanced Search Engine Optimization Goal  To gain a better and more in depth understanding of SEO. Strategies  Read Odom, S. (2014). SEO For 2014: The Complete Do-It-Yourself SEO Guide. : MediaWorks Publishing.  Review video courses on SEO  Employ and test practices in real life at work
  12. 12. March 2015: Strategic Internet Public Relations Goal  Create and maintain a Public Relations Plan for my business Strategies  Apply for 2015 Google Online Marketing Challenge  Create and implement a public relations plan  Attend IMMS Seminars
  13. 13. April 2015: Web Analytics and Optimization Goal  Learn how to analyze data and use in a meaningful way to grow web presence Strategies  Complete Google Analytics course work  Utilize for analytics help  Read Teixeira, J. (2013). Your Google game plan for success increasing your web presence with Google AdWords, Analytics and Website Optimizer. Indianapolis, IN: Wiley.
  14. 14. May 2015: Internet and the Law Goal  To learn the fundamentals of Internet law and how they pertain to my business Strategies  Read Martin, D. Internet law comes of age. Internet Research, 11-14.  Review theories with business law team in person  Utilize Findlaw at the FSU library
  15. 15. June 2015: Internet Marketing Campaign Development Goal  Learn to create content driven campaigns that are specific to business strategy Strategies  Utilize Google AdWords and Campaign Manager to A/B test theories  Read 12 inspiring marketing campaigns from Google | Econsultancy. (n.d.). . Retrieved August 1, 2014, from 12-inspiring-marketing-campaigns-from- google  Attend IMMS seminars
  16. 16. Industry Leaders Oriental Trading Co. Sam Taylor, CEO 402.596.1200 No More Deepak Agarwal, CEO 212.405.4011 Luxottica Group SpA Edwards Kummer, SVP 949.951.0991 DSW, Inc Mark Delcher, SVP 614.237.7100 American Girl, LLC Ravi Acharya VP 608.836.4848 Chegg, Inc Dan Rosenweig, CEO 408.727.1451
  17. 17. References  Top 500 guide: profiles and statistics of America's 500 largest retail web sites ranked by annual e-commerce sales. (2014 ed.). (2014). Chicago: Vertical Web Media.  Welcome to!. (n.d.). Retrieved July 23, 2014, from  World's Largest Professional Network | LinkedIn. (n.d.). . Retrieved July 23, 2014, from