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Russia Wharf Visioning Session for Boston Properties

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  1. 1. Atlantic Wharf Visioning June 11th Meeting Agenda • Introductions • Review Meeting Goals 1. Review requirements and current thinking 2. Develop expanded understanding of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to various concepts 3. Obtain feedback from project team 4. Sense of preferred concepts • Project Overview • Project Context 1.Programming Goals/ Measures of Success 2. Planning Requirements 3.Geographic context/Opportunities and Challenges 4.Research/Site visits • Cultural Concepts 1. Artist Work Space a. Multi-Tenants b. Destination Studio 2. Museum Twig / Pocket 3. Retail / Craft 4. Showcase/Education • Review Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats • Discussion
  2. 2. a n d A S S O C I A T E S Report researched and written by Anita M. Lauricella, Lauricella and Associates. Designed by Joanne Kaliontzis, Studio51 Design. © Lauricella and Associates, 2009 2
  3. 3. Programming Goals Measures of Success Programming Measures Goals of Success 1. Satisfy regulatory and permitting requirements Foot traffic and activity during key times (weekends, evenings and weekdays) 2. Develop uses that add value to the office and retail use by: Ease of management and operations a. Creating a gateway An amenity for office tenants b. Supporting the marketing agenda: A complement to the retail/restaurant patrons hip, cool, and urban Other? 3. Create synergies between the Town Square, Cultural/Civic, Multi-Media Presentation Area, Waterfront Plaza and second floor Cultural Space 4. The selected program should be successful on its own and leverage the growth and expansion of the Seaport by being a gateway to the Fort Point community 3
  4. 4. Planning Requirements Floor Plans Tufts Graphic Arts First Floor Tufts Graphic Arts Second Floor Everyday Setting Performance Setting Exhibit Setting 4
  5. 5. Planning Requirements Atlantic Wharf must satisfy: 1. requirements in the Chapter 91 license 2. conditions and uses defined as part of the City of Boston’s re-permitting process that allowed the change from residential to office uses In addition, the Town Square, Multi-Media and Civic/Cultural space are defined as “Special Public Destination Facility” (SPDF) requiring a public program of entertainment, artistic, civic, and cultural uses that is “extensive” and year round and enhances the “destination value” of the waterfront. The programming of the “SPDF” is subject to review by the Russia Wharf Advisory Committee which advises the Fort Point Channel Operations Board. An Annual Work Plan and “periodic” meetings that are open to the public are required. These management and operations reviews are in addition to the required management plan for the project. Specific requirements for the following spaces, including submission and approval of a management plan prior to C of O are: Sq ft Requirements CULTURAL/CIVIC 5000sf 1. “Creation of a 5,000 SF artists work space to be rented at below market rates for the term of the license.” (second floor) * there is some flexibility in how this is defined and implemented CULTURAL 700sf 1. “Channel Concierge” (first floor) Free sources of information, maps, tickets-“activities for public enjoyment along waterfront 2. May be included with a Children’s Concierge; developed with the Children’s Museum or other nonprofit organization; 50sf devoted to retail sales that complement and support the Children’s Concierge 3. Office for non profit advocacy organization of the Fort Point Channel 4.“point of contact” for rotating art display MULTI MEDIA 3,800sf 1. “including appropriate multi-media equipment” and other infrastructure PRESENTATION AREA 2. performances, demonstrations, presentations to the public (second floor) 3. wide variety of topics-Boston’s history, culture, diversity & future TOWN SQUARE 6,300sf 1. civic gathering and function space 2. a setting for planned and spontaneous performances WALLS OF TOWN 3. Rotating art display SQUARE AND CIVIC 4. Priority given to Fort Point artists 5. Programming use WHARF PARK 1. “shall create and install interpretative signage and exhibits” that document the history of Russia Wharf 5