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Think tank

  1. 1. THINK TANK <br />Virtual Walk Throughs - by Trekwireless<br />Lauriane LAURENT MBA 2 A<br />
  2. 2. Description of the service<br />Trek Wireless launched an innovative new digital service applicable to the hospitality sector which significantly leverages the customers’ experience.<br />It provides them with top quality virtual visits (using 360°, panoramic views) of the hotel and its neighborhood.<br />Available via all kinds of devices (mobile, tablets, PC) you can be sure it will always provide a WOW effect!<br />Its aim? <br />Help hoteliers make dream their customers in advance, anticipate their needs and match their expectations for a higher conversion rate…<br />Provide the guests with rich, complete, relevant and trustable information, that they will share and use easily anywhere, anytime!<br />
  3. 3. Example of a virtual tour: The Taj Mahal Hotel in New Delhi<br />
  4. 4. What will be the impact on customer service expectations of the capabilities presented?<br />What the service offers is…<br />As much information as possible<br />A visual experience,” close to reality “<br />Access to independent reviews<br />Ability to share with your contacts<br />Ability to use the service anytime, anywhere on any device… (PC, Mobile, Tablets, laptops)<br />Top quality image and fast downloads for WOW effects!<br />Inside and outside virtual tours <br />An easy-to-navigate application<br />The possibility to book directly without leaving the page<br />
  5. 5. What will be the impact on customer service expectations of the capabilities presented?<br />So the impact on Customer Service expectations is…<br />A guarantee that the “dream” will match the “reality” = TRUST + NO SURPRISE<br />Trust: images are updated and even dated and customers can access social reviews<br />No surprise: thanks to the high quality images and the fast downloads, “walkthrough effect” and very detailed visit around all the hotel and even outside of the hotel<br />
  6. 6. What will be the impact on customer service expectations of the capabilities presented?<br />The service offers a real added value to the hotels thanks to a remote luxury experience for their guests…<br />With the integration of a booking engine in the pages, after dreaming watching the tours how could customers resist to a small break in the hotel?<br />
  7. 7. What types of hospitality operations will benefit + how ?<br />Luxury hotels with historic walls and unique design<br />Theme hotels and boutique hotels<br />Hotels that are situated in a particularly attractive and touristic environment and that can include virtual tours of the attractions suggested by the concierge<br />Overall, hotels that have a budget to spend on this service (for a more complete and quality experience) and that can take the time to update the tool…<br />Visuals are among the most effective marketing tools today: more powerful than words, pictures speak for themselves…Think about it!<br />
  8. 8. What types of services or benefits currently OUTSIDE of a property can be integrated into presented capabilities ?<br />Access to the neighborhood virtual tour<br />The location of the hotel may be its main strength so why not focusing on the many activities surrounding the hotel?<br />Suggested tour by the concierge<br />Videos showing the concierge speaking directly to the guests and could be integrated in the “things to do” when at the hotel<br />Virtual tours showing the different modes of transportation <br />Integrate videos in the tours to explain which options you have to move around the hotel and visit the city, with for each their pros and cons… <br />
  9. 9. How can a hotel use the capabilities to create digital differentiation - and thus a competitive advantage ?<br />The hotel could improve and differentiate its service by:<br />Adding a customizable tool bar to navigate through the app<br />Adding a “historic basket” where you can put aside the videos you like and add some notes before posting them<br />Add specific audio sounds and music adapted to each environment with a possibility for the customers to choose among your selection (more sensorial experience)<br />Integrate a Q&A section in the tours<br />Integrate a “?” button in the tours with the specific information you want to give (add the menu for the restaurant, the treatments available in the spa, the fees for the rooms etc…)<br />Adapt the reviews to the rooms (about the rooms when in the room virtual tour)<br />
  10. 10. How can a hotel use the capabilities to create digital differentiation - and thus a competitive advantage ?<br />The hotel could also look ahead and be the first to offer:<br />A 3 D experience (with no glasses required)<br />A HD experience<br />Integrate videos in the tours for a more customized experience (making intervene the concierge or other members of the staff to introduce the facilities)<br />Panoramic experience as often as possible<br />Keeping updating its videos and tours, inside and outside<br />Offer an updated program of the “things to do around” and “suggested tours by the concierge” <br />
  11. 11. How can a hotel use the capabilities to create digital differentiation - and thus a competitive advantage ?<br />Monitor your pages for a bettercompetitiveadvantage and find the toolsthatwork…<br />Differentiatingisgreat but youneed to monitor yourresults<br />Web analytics are essential to justifyyourspending and future development<br />Important analytics are: bounce rate, time per page, traffic sources<br />Do not beafraid of experiencing as long as you know whereyou are going!<br />The aim of virtual tours is not to belookedat but to generatedreams for the customers (whoshouldspend time on thembeforefinallybooking!)<br />
  12. 12. What impressed you the most about the particular topic that you selected?<br />Possibility to have this “walkthrough result” thank to the combination of the high quality of the images and the speed of downloading<br />The Zoom possibilities for even more details<br />The sophistication of the service with the integration of many capabilities (SM integration, reviews, booking engine etc.)<br />The ease of use of such a complete service <br />The possibilities of development already on track (3D, HD, etc.)<br />
  13. 13. Conclusion<br />Hotelierscan’tafford to be passive anymore. They have to be « active » and anticipate the needs and expectations of theircustomers.<br />Virtual tours are a good way to boost conversion rate and to makedream the guestsbeforethey arrive and to providethemwith relevant, interesting, complete and trustable information thanks to the differentcapabilitiesintegrated in the service.<br />Keepingupdatedwith the new trends is crucial though to satisfy the guests on the long run and reachthem (adapt to the new devices).<br />Lookingforward to seeingwhat the nextgeneration of virtual tours willbeas the current service isalreadysoamazing!<br />