Mobile marketing: The SoLoMo Approach


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Mobile marketing: The SoLoMo Approach

  1. 1. Mobile Marketing<br />ThinkSoLoMo!<br />Social + Local + Mobile<br />By Lauriane Laurent <br />MBA 2 A<br />
  2. 2. Exercise Guidelines<br />Find 2 examples of Local + Social + Mobile - 1 from hospitality, 1 from another industry<br />What are the objectives of each campaign?<br />What social tools are used in each campaign? <br />How will the results be measured?<br />Which one do you think is 'smarter‘? Please explain why.<br />
  3. 3. My 2 examples<br />Four Seasons<br />Jimmy Choo <br /><ul><li>One of the most famous Luxury shoes Brand
  4. 4. Large communities of fans on Twitter and Facebook
  5. 5. Jimmy Choo launched the « Catch a Choo » program, in partnership with Foursquare, in April2010. </li></ul>One of the most famous Luxury Hotel Brand<br />Large communities of fans on Twitter and Facebook (brand pages + individual hotels pages)<br />Four Seasons in California launched the « Best of California » program, in partnership with Gowalla, for 10 weeks in 2010.<br />
  6. 6. My 2 Examples<br />Four SEASONS<br />JIMMY CHOO<br />The concept: A real time treasurehuntaround London via Foursquare<br />How diditwork?: One pair of Jimmy Choo trainers checked in at various locations and those who follow the campaign and were lucky enough to arrive at a venue before the trainers left got to pick a pair in the style and size of their choosing!<br />The shoes could be followed on Twitter, Foursquare and Facebook<br />The concept: When members checked into three of the recommendations from the Four Seasons’ concierge on Gowalla, they earned a $100 spa or dining credit which could be redeemed during their stay. <br />How did it work?: Concierge choices show up in a "Trip" tab on Gowalla, users checked-in and received a PIN number thatwas redeemable at Four Seasons spas or restaurants in California<br />
  7. 7. MY 2 EXAMPLES<br />Four SEASONS<br />JIMMY CHOO<br />The spin thatentitledyou to redeem a spa or diningcredit<br />The « Catch a Choo » program rules on Jimmy Choo’swebsite<br />The Four SeasonsappwithGowalla.<br />
  8. 8. the objectives of eachcampaign<br />Four SEASONS<br />JIMMY CHOO<br />Involve in the geo-localization trend as it is growing in importance<br />Provide an original service to their community members with curatedtrip recommendations from their knowledgeable concierges<br />Attract new customers<br />Generate higher awareness as the “check-in” are shared with the users’ friends<br />Reward the guests for their loyalty<br />Create a buzzwith a unique way to use geo-localization (check-in an object!)<br />Increasetheir brand awarenessthanks to the buzz and their fans’ sharing on social media <br />Increasetheir sales<br />Engage their fans both online and offline<br />
  9. 9. the Social toolsused in eachcampaign<br />Four SEASONS<br />JIMMY CHOO<br />Gowalla: one of the major location-based services (+600,000 users)<br />Allowsindividuals to sharetheir locations, to findfriends and to winvirtual gifts and stamps on their « passport »<br />Gowalla’s position = alsoas a travel guide offeringtraveltips and « Trips » ideas<br />Check-in canbeshared via Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare<br />More and more businesses partnerwithGowalla<br />Foursquare: the mostused location-based service at the moment (+4 million users)<br />Allowsindividuals to sharetheir location and to findfriendsaroundthem<br />Partnershipwithmany businesses to develoployalty programs based on « check-in »<br />Growingsuccessamongindividuals and businesses due to the sharability of the « check-in » via Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook<br />
  10. 10. the Social toolsused in eachcampaign<br />Four SEASONS<br />JIMMY CHOO<br />
  11. 11. How Will the resultsbemeasured?<br />Four SEASONS<br />JIMMY CHOO<br />It exits someanalyticaltools to monitor the activity on Gowalla, basicallyidentifying who your (influential) fans are, the first time visitors what social networking sites they visit, what they will pay for , your high-traffic days and what people want the most :<br />Analytics on Gowalla - free<br />Google analytics - free<br />Sprout social <br />GeoIQ<br />Appcelerator<br />FoursquareAnalytics - free<br />Google analytics - free<br />Sprout social<br />Fourscore<br />GeoIQ<br />Appcelarator<br />
  12. 12. How Will the resultsbemeasured?<br />Four SEASONS<br />JIMMY CHOO<br />Fourscore<br />GeoIQ<br />Foursquare<br />
  13. 13. Four SEASONS<br />JIMMY CHOO<br />PROS: <br />Innovativecustomer service<br />Partnershipwith local businesses<br />Drive revenue<br />Attractcustomers<br />CONS:<br />Gowallais not the mostused LBS<br /> Encourage check-in of savvycustomers<br />Maybe hard to check-in 3 places if short time stay…<br />PROS:<br />Veryunique campaign<br />Great rewards, engaging<br />Entertaining, Challenging<br />Great results (+30% sales)<br />CONS:<br />Onlyin London shopssounfair for fans in other places (verysuccessful brand and campaigns and a large community!)<br />MY CHOICE: The « Catch a Choo » Campaign!<br />WHY? : I reward the innovative use of the LBS Foursquare. It is a trulywin-winstrategy and the only drawback for me isthat the campaignwasrestricted to London only! In addition, itis a good initiative as luxury brand are stillskeptical about Social Marketing…<br />Whichcampaignissmarter and why?<br />