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Jason's Search for the Mythical Miss Right: Day 5


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Jason's Search for the Mythical Miss Right: Day 5

  1. 1. Welcome back to “Jason's Search for the Mythical Miss Right,” the bachelor challenge for my generation three spare, Jason Xenobia. Last time, Jason and Iris Fitzhugh agreed that it was time for her to leave. They left as friends, but they both knew that Iris' heart wasn't in it.
  2. 2. “Iris, welcome home.” “Thanks, Vickie,” “Hey that's what I'm here for. There's someone around back that wants to see you though.” “Marina?” “Perhaps. I'm under strict orders not to tell you.” Iris nodded resigned, “Thanks, Vickie.” “Any time, Iris.”
  3. 3. When Iris came around the side of the house she steeled herself to talk to her Creator, “Marina, I don't....” Her words died in her throat when she saw him there, “Jack?” He turned toward her, “Iris.”
  4. 4. “Tell me why I shouldn't turn around right now and go back inside?” “Because I will endeavor to follow you.”
  5. 5. “I'll lock the door,” she countered. “Locks hold little challenge for my prodigious skills.”
  6. 6. “I'll call the police.” “The local constabulary have been alerted to this scenario, and have been ordered to ignore any calls relating thereto,” once again he parried her arguments.
  7. 7. Iris glared at him. “Iris, Please let me talk.” It was the simplicity of his words that made her nod.
  8. 8. “Iris, it would be highly fortuitous for us to discuss the complexities of multiverse theorem. I assume you recall the rudimentary points?”
  9. 9. “Omniverse” I muttered watching on my computer.” Marina's voice came from behind me, “Lauri it's the same thing.” “Chalk it up to personal preference or semantics. If I lose on the latter I win on the former.” Marina laughed before growing serious, “Are you going to lift the suppression?” “Yeah in a moment.”
  10. 10. “Multiverse? That's how Julia came to Authorland and...and you.” He nodded, “The situation here, however is more akin to the situation concerning you and Lucy Morgan.” Iris blinked as the limits on her memory were lifted and she looked in his eyes.
  11. 11. “You're my Jack?” “Indubitably” “Now I feel bad for Cayenne. She's going to feel like I did with Lucy.
  12. 12. “Not entirely, my sweet blossom. Cayenne's Jack Buccaneer Jr still resides this side of the banks of the Styx. So that she may communicate with him quite expeditiously on her personal mobile telephone. However, I must my knowledge of her existence and of her familial connection to my alternative counterpart engenders in me twinges of paternal protectiveness considering her current situation.”
  13. 13. “Jack she's fine. I know Jason. He won't hurt her.” “It would be beneficial to his continued good health if he did not.” “Besides, I think her brother would get there first if he did. He's closer.”
  14. 14. “Not from the location of MY domicile.” “You're not staying here?” “I am not. I have secured living space in close proximity to the manse wherein the contestants are ensconced. I am currently in negotiations for obtaining a residence for you and I to dwell as well.”
  15. 15. He paused a moment and for an instant Iris saw a glimmer of insecurity in his eyes. “That is, if you are willing to be joined once again with me in the state of wedded bliss.” He fell to his knees and pulled out the velvet ring box.
  16. 16. After sending Iris home Jason changed into his trunks, slipped into the hot tub and waited for the others to join him. He felt the tension leave his body as the hot water moved around him. He hadn't realized just how stressful asking someone to leave had become.
  17. 17. "Jason, I just wanted to say that I'm really glad we met. All of us. It's been a great experience." Saeva looked like she wished she thought of saying that as Anne climbed into the tub. Jason opened his eyes and smiled, "Me too, Cay. Meeting all of you, but you three especially, has made this week one I'll never forget."
  18. 18. "Anne you haven't had the chance to see many films yet have you?" "No I cannot say I have. Although I do know what they are Miss Iris told me about them." "I'll have to take you to see Sense and Sensibility some time then."
  19. 19. "That's a fun movie, Anne, you'll enjoy it. Would you guys mind if I tagged along?" Cay asked.
  20. 20. "I suppose that would be enjoyable. And of course, Cayenne, you are more than welcome to join us. You as well Saeva."
  21. 21. "I'd love to, by the way have any of you heard the rumor that they plan to make a video game out of Sense and Sensibility, and Sea Monsters?"
  22. 22. "I heard that! But I think it has to be a rumor, surely they'd do Pride and Prejudice and Zombies first!" "Zombies, Sea Monsters? Doesn't that border a bit on the ridiculous?" Anne asked from her corner of the tub. "Yes, Anne, but I think that is the point of the novels. And you will find out that anything that makes money will somehow find its way into a video game." Jason answered carefully. "Seems a bit silly to me."
  23. 23. "True, Cay, but Zombies in Regency clothing? Of course now that I say it are Sea Monsters much better?"
  25. 25. "Yes, Saeva, we did not wish to see Jason riled this afternoon!"
  26. 26. "No dress talk!" but then he cooled and looked around the tub. "Okay guys I don't think Saeva meant to upset things. It was a legitimate point but let's find our way back to something less likely to set us all off."
  27. 27. "Is it true that these films are routinely awarded recognition if they are considered of high quality?"
  28. 28. "Yes, although a lot of people argue with the judges' decisions. In the end though the public chooses what they think best by buying tickets and purchasing the videos when they come out." The conversation never once steered back onto clothes and so after an hour or so they got out for dinner.
  29. 29. "Saeva, I'm sorry about yelling earlier. I know you weren't trying to cause trouble. And I'm sure the other girls know as well." "Thank you, Jason. Yeah, I was just thinking about the game, and not the fact that I was stumbling onto a mine field." "No hard feelings then?" "None at all, Jason. But, I better get upstairs we're dressing up formally for the dance dates tonight." "Formally? All I brought is the suit I usually wear to church." "It will do," Saeva said mysteriously.
  30. 30. When we are together
  31. 31. The moments I cherish
  32. 32. With every beat of my heart
  33. 33. To touch you to hold you
  34. 34. To feel you to need you
  35. 35. There's nothing to keep us apart.
  36. 36. Yes, you're once
  37. 37. Twice
  38. 38. Three times a lady
  39. 39. And I love you.
  40. 40. Yes, you're once
  41. 41. You're twice
  42. 42. Three times a lady And I love you.
  43. 43. Oh you're once
  44. 44. Twice
  45. 45. Three times a lady And I love you.
  46. 46. I love you.* *Three Times a Lady” by the Commodores. Written by Lionel Richie
  47. 47. "Anne I really want to touch you, but I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable." "Jason, I think...I think I want you to touch me as well," her voice was soft and tremulous, very un-Anne like, but then this was far from normal for her.
  48. 48. He gently reached up and brushed her cheek. She reached up to gently brush his wrist. His hand was warm and her heart pounded as he touched her in a way no man had ever done before.
  49. 49. Then he reached behind her quickly and goosed her before she could stay his hand. "Jason!" she squeaked but she couldn't hide the smile on her face or the giggle, yes a giggle, that came from her mouth. "You stop that this instant." "Yes, madam," he said with a grin, "but you liked it." She looked ready to deny it, but then she smiled softly, "I did, Jason. Mayhap too much."
  50. 50. "What do you mean?" the mood in the room went from playful to serious as Anne studied her shoes. "Jason, I care for you a great deal. You are one of my closest friends, and I never want to lose that." "But?" he asked quietly. "But I do not think that in one more day I will love you enough to marry you. If there were more time to woo properly, I would let nothing stand in my way." "But there isn't more time. Not here." "Precisely." "Anne, I hope you find someone that can give you all the things you want in life. You deserve all of them."
  51. 51. "Such smooth skin you have, Saeva." "Thank you, Jason."
  52. 52. "Is it just as smooth down here?" "Jason!" "Just checking!" "You bad boy!"
  53. 53. "But you're so beautiful can't you see that I can't help myself?" "That's sweet, Jason, but you really can't sing."
  54. 54. "I've wanted to do this all week. You're sure Turner's not watching?" "Yeah I put in a call to the house he's at and they promised to keep him busy." "Good, then he won't see me do this."
  55. 55. "No he won't! But he might be DVRing it!"
  56. 56. "In that case," and he got down on his knees. “Turner, I'm not a bad guy, really. I just really really really like your sister.” "You goof."
  57. 57. At noon they all sat down and waited for Jason to join them and send one of them home. Saeva looked quite relaxed although she occasionally drummed her fingers on her thigh.
  58. 58. Cay looked serious. She was pretty sure she was still in the lead, but she felt it wasn't quite the commanding lead it once was.
  59. 59. And Anne sat there with a forced smile on her face.
  60. 60. "Anne, I'm sorry. I care for you too much to hurt you, but I'm afraid it's you."
  61. 61. "It's all right, Jason. I understand. I'll pack my things and call the cab. Thank you, for everything." "Thank you, Anne. We'll still have to go to the movie sometime." "Oh of course!"
  62. 62. When Anne arrived for her exit interview, Will was understandably concerned for his daughter, even though she seemed nonplussed. “Are you all right, darling?” “Of course father. Mr. Xenobia is better suited to Miss Buccaneer or Miss Tegenaria. I have made good friends and learned a great deal.”
  63. 63. “Well if you're certain?” he asked before giving up. “I am, papa. Mr. Xenobia will be quite happy whichever lady he chooses. May I leave now, madam?” “Hmm, oh yes, of course, Anne. I hope your trip is a pleasant one.”
  64. 64. After a change of clothes and a repairing of her eyebrows, Anne stepped outside to look over the lake and have a moment to herself. It had been a long hard five days.
  65. 65. Her thoughts were loud in her mind, “I suppose spinsterhood is my fate after all. Perhaps I shouldn't complain I can devote my life more fully to studies and my devotions. But, I find myself longing for more. The gentle caress of a man's hand against my skin. The longing in my heart to see his face in the morning. Holding a child born of love, born of my womb, in my arms, is that too much to ask, O Plumbob?”
  66. 66. “But such thoughts are useless. I will never find love. It is not to be.” So lost in her thoughts, she did not see the young man approaching her with sure steps. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yes, I'm leaving you here. Anne, I love you. I was sorry you had to go. Scores for Day 5: Cayenne:100/61 161 Best Friends Mutual Crush 2 bolts. Saeva:100/55 155 Best Friends Mutual Crush 2 bolts. Anne:100/52 152 Best Friends Mutual Crush 2 bolts.