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November 09 Release - eCairn Conversation(tm)


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This is a slidecast introducing the new features as part of eCairn Conversation(tm) November 09 release.

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November 09 Release - eCairn Conversation(tm)

  1. 1. New Features: • Topical Targeting • Community Mapping (premium feature) From eCairn Conversation(tm)1 Presentation title in footer 1 July 2009 Nov 09th release
  2. 2. Topical Targeting 1.Select Brand or Topic2. Organize result list by- Influence- # mention Display blogs with Positive posts on your brand Nov 09th release
  3. 3. i um Fe atur e Community MappingPrem email us View how peopleExport a complete or connectpartial community Nov 09th release
  4. 4. m Featur e Community Mapping (Advanced)Premiu Create Groups during Group numbers appear Export on the top right of each node 4 groups/values: -group1=1, -group2=2, - both (group1&2)=3, Nov 09th release - none=no value