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Admin Tutorial - eCairn


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Admin Tutorial - eCairn

  1. 1. Joe Mary . . John Mike Geoff Relevant Social Media Sources Joe John Geoff Joe Mary Mike Mike John Mary Geoff Key Concepts Users Projects Workgroup Project 1 Project 2 Project N Conversations from Blogs or specific searches on social media sites such as
  2. 2. Conversations Collection 1. Your Team Identifies Relevant Online Sources (to add to your project) : Social Media Searches on Blogs & Identify the influencers Search & Filter Annotate & Share Analyse and View Trends Forums, comments.... 2 STEPS: So that you can 2. eCairn Conversation(tm) automatically subscribes and aggregates all conversations published by them:
  3. 3. Dashboard and Workflow Better Manage your Team Social Media Engagement Process Real Time Activity Update Record and Track your Actions Understand your Influence in the Community Track your Share of conversations
  4. 4. Dashboard and Report Create Reports to Share your Progress Export Graphs Export Posts
  5. 5. ADMINISTRATOR ROLE Users Projects Assign Users to Projects 1. Setup and 2. Configure (Watch-out for )