French alphabet


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how to pronounce the french letters.

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French alphabet

  1. 1. FRENCH ALPHABETThe French Alphabet consists of 26 letters :A,a is pronounced AB,b is pronounced BéC,c is pronounced CéD,d is pronounced DéE,e is pronounced EF,f is pronounced èfG,g is pronounced GéH,h is pronounced hacheI,I is pronounced iJ,j is pronounced giK,k is pronounced KaL,l is pronounced èlM,m is pronounced MN,n is pronounced NO,o is pronounced OP,p is pronounced péQ,q is pronounced kuR,r is pronounced R
  2. 2. S,s is pronounced ST,t is pronounced téU,u is pronounced UV,v is pronounced véW,w is pronounced double véX,x is pronounced XY,y is pronounced i but is said i grecZ,z is pronounced ZThe letters associated can give otherpronunciations 1. The letter AA associated with I is pronounced éA Associated with u is pronounced O 2. The letter E First at all E exists with 3 typs of accents : É È Ê E associated with I is pronounced è
  3. 3. E associated with u is pronounced u but insome words it is said e very long (Europe)3. The letter OThe letter O associated with u is pronounced ouThe letter O associated with I is pronounced oa4. The letter CThe letter C associated with I, Y, E ispronounced si, sy, seWith the letter A, O and U it is pronounced ka,ko and kuWe can tell sa, so and su if we write the letter cwith ç (cedilla)The letter C associated with h is pronounced chThe letter C associated with L is pronounced klLike in the first name Clément5. The letter BThe letter B has no difficulty6. The letter DIt’ s like B7. The letter FNo difficulty
  4. 4. 8. The letter GThe letter G associated with I, E and Y ispronounced ji, je, jyWith the letter A, O and U it’s pronounced ga,go, goTo Pronounce ja, jo and ju we must write gea,geo, geu. In the case “e” is not pronounced,except if the letter E is written éFor instance in Georges E is not pronouncedIn Géorgien we pronounce jé9. The letter HThe letter H associated with P is pronounced fThe letter H plays an important role in someword to choose the articleFor instance the word “haricot”, the letter H isimportant and we tell “le haricot”.Whereas in the word “hôtel” we tell “l’hôtel”.10. The letter JJe, ji, jo, ju, ja11. The letter KThere is no difficulty12. The letter L
  5. 5. There is no difficulty.13. The letter MThere is no difficulty.Om is told on14. The letter NThere is no difficultyEn is told an or un in “benzène”An is told enIn is told unUn is told unYn is told unOnly n becomes m in front of b and p exceptfor two words “bonbon” and “bonbonnière”.15. The letter PThere is no difficulty.16. The letter QQ is always associated with the letter a, e, I oor y and without the 2 there is always a letter uFor instance “qui” “que” “quoi”17. The letter R
  6. 6. There is no difficulty 18. The letter S When a word starts with the letter S, it is always told s In a word between 2 vowels (a,e,I,o,u,y) it is told z : une rose If we want to tell s, we must have 2 letters S. Between a consonant and a vowel, it is said s “consonne”S associated with h gives ch 19. The letter T There is no difficulty. 20. The letter V There is no difficulty 21. The letter W W is particularly found in English words like “week end” and is pronounced “ouik end” There is some exceptions like “wagon” and it is said vagon 22. The letter Z There is no difficulty.