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Book final pdf

  1. 1. MarianBantjes
  2. 2. MarianBantjes
  3. 3. &Illustration Design
  4. 4. Marian Bantjes is known for... her vibrant colors and untraditional aesthetic in her designs. Her style is constantly evolving, and her work consists of several interests emerging together. Marian says that her work is greatly influenced by many different movements throughout the art world, as well as different forms of media. Marian is a well known designer, typographer, and artist. She works interationally with several companies and other designers from her home base on an island off the west coast of Canada. Some of the designers and companties include: Michael Bierut/ Pentagram, Seed, Houghton- Mifflin, Stefan Sagmeister, AIGA, Winterhouse, Rick Valicenti (Thirst), Wired, The New York Times, Pring Magazine, Knopf Books, Wallpaper, Brown & Co., The Guardian, FontShop, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Bruce Mau Design. Materials and time periods include: 14th-18th century calligraphy, illuminated manuscripts, islamic art, art nouveau, the Arts & Crafts movement, typography, textiles, old lace, Baroque art, Rococco art, psychedelia, grafitti, the Victorian Age, engraving, persian carpets, and anything gothic.
  5. 5. Timeline
  6. 6. “My one wish, for when I find a genie,is that when I die, I will be satisfiedwith all I have done in my life.”In 1982, Marian Bantjes attended art school, and used it as her own form of education.but decided to drop out after only one year. From 1992 to 2002, Marian started andIn 1983, she began working in the field of co-owned a design firm called Digitopolis;visual communication as a book typesetter. the experience from her business got herShe continued for ten years, trained herself, many job opportunities.
  7. 7. Process“I work best at home, in my studio;working for a full day on one thing(no distractions); being alone (nodistractions); and with music.”It is not uncommon for Marian pen. Most of the time there is anto go from one sketch straight to idea that usually just ‘pops intothe final production. There are her head.’ There is no ‘map’ tonot several working drawings for follow, but the idea usually hasevery project, so she maps it out in some reasoning or concept topencil, takes in into Illustrator, and it. Marian thinks of herselftraces it. Other times, the finished largely as a visual designer,work is in pen and ink, scratch- that is the visuals have someboard, photography, or ballpoint reason for being how they are.
  8. 8. What doesMarianBantjes NOW? do
  9. 9. Marian would not be considered anovernight success. However, the Canadianillustrator/designer has become moresuccessful in the past five years of hercareer than she has been in her entiretwenty year experience as a designer.She has received international prominanceas an individual and designer, with arecognisable signature that stands outin all of her work. In 2003, after quittingher design firm that she started, MarianBantjes began working for herself. She “I quit to do his thingworks from her home on an island offthe West Coast of Canada, near Vancouver, I do now, which we canfor many big name companies and firms. call ‘graphic art’ for lack of a better term.”
  10. 10. “I have no desire tocreate something I’veseen before, and I donot troll books forimages to trigger ideas...
  11. 11. I already have more ideasthan I can handle.” Marian Bantjes
  12. 12. “I think that my work is more adventurousthan many people’s, and more structuredand considered than most, and if I do sayso, it’s also better crafted than most as well.”I like Marian Bantjes first and vivid colors and design is whatforemost for her aesthetic. I think attracted me to Marian’s work atthat any designer who can use as first glance. As far as Marian herselfmany types of media as she does to goes, I admire her honesty. Marianany project has a little something knows what she is good at, but alsospecial to go along with their whole knows her weaknesses. Even thoughdesign process. From pencil and she might not be where she wants topaper, to leather, to cut out steel, be, she does not let anyone orto fur, all of Marian’s projects turn anything bring her down and sheout both visually appealing and an keeps going until she has a successfulideal solution with a change from project. I strive to be like Marianany ordinary design for whatever with not only her aesthetic, but herit is that she is working on. Her use self motivation, because combinedof bright colors is something that they create wonderful pieces of art.we share in our work. Bold and
  13. 13. WHY I likeMarianBantjes
  14. 14. Credits Designer Lauren Nelsen Paper Cover: Neenah. Starwhite Text Tiara Smooth 80lb Body Copy: Neenah. Starwhite Text Tiara Smooth 65lb Book Size 8 inches x 8 inches Typefaces Apollo MT Family Shelley BT Volante Sources