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question 6


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Published in: Art & Photos, Technology
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question 6

  1. 3. During these ongoing tasks, I took on a variety of vital roles such as proof reader, journalist, layout editor, graphics editor, editor and photographer. These roles were imperative for tasks I was give. The easiest role was a proof reader because it was simple scanning through my work however it was a very important task to complete. The hardest role was the journalist because I had to find a band to interview and although this was enjoyable, I then had to also think of the correct questions to ask to make it a good article so the readers would enjoy it.
  2. 4. Adobe Photoshop Photoshop has been a big part of my project. I used it to complete my front cover and edit my images. I had used it before but since this project I have developed my Photoshop skills significantly. Without the use of Photoshop I don’t believe that my magazine would have been able to attract my target audience. I used outer glow on the buzz word ‘exclusive’ to make it stand out more for the audience.
  3. 5. Blogger I used blogger to keep track of my work and to present the project. I kept my blog updated and organised in order to succeed in these tasks. I used the blog to keep track of my research and my plans for these tasks. Blogger allowed me to use other websites such as scrapblog and prezi to complete some of my work and then upload it to my blog. I could then present this straight to the blog using an embedded code which was easy to understand.
  4. 6. Quark Xpress helped me to do my contents page and double page spread. At first, because I had never used it before, I did find it difficult but I quickly got to grips with it and developed my skills in this program. Quark helped me dramatically to complete my contents page and double page spread because I wouldn’t have been able to complete them without this. It helped me organise my media productions and organise the layout of each. It also helped my media production to look like a professional music magazine with drop quotes and drop caps etc.