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Trailer for machinist


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Trailer for machinist

  1. 1. Trailer.The Machinist.
  2. 2. What we want the trailer to do…  Create enigma  Create film noir genre  Sell the film  Attract an audiece
  3. 3. What we will include in the trailer …  Trevor as he is the main character.  The post it note plays a significant part of the film.  Ivan plays a significant part of the film.  Maria and Nicholas Maria will be seen as the femme fatal.  The time (1.30am) it becomes significant toward the end of the film  The machine shows the significance of the name of the film  Route 666 ride the devil and Trevors past combined  In bed with Stevie cant find real love turns to a prostitute  “Insomnia never killed anybody” creates enigma
  4. 4. What we will include… 6. Shows ivans reflection. Ends with the post it note saying ____ER 5. Screaming 3. Maria is introduced with and shouting short before hand is conversation caught in about mothers machine then day and the name flashes Ivans Nicholas is face mentioned. 4. Shows time as 130am then Trevor says „insominia never killed anybody‟ The route 666 ride sign flashes on 2.Trevor clean screen. The Trevor hands with mentions escape. bleach. 1. In bed with Stevie and she says “I‟m worried about you Trevor…” the cut to the post it note that says „buy more bleach‟