Mathematical imagination learning to see the invisiblew


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A five minute presentation on imagination in mathematics. I explore the idea of dimensions first of all through the 5th dimension via constructions of cubes, and I then ote that in projecting these we are encountering negative numbers. I then look at the coastline of Ireland as an example of an object with fractal dimension and finish off with the idea of fractal narratives. There are a number of embedded links in the presentation to relevant resources on the web, and slides have notes attached.

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Mathematical imagination learning to see the invisiblew

  1. 1. Mathematical Imagination Learning to see the invisible: : Laurence Cuffe
  2. 2.
  3. 3. •A Language
  4. 4. Verbal
  6. 6. 5Dimensions: Tough
  7. 7. Rotate to observe
  8. 8. Upcycling a Line
  9. 9. Fractal 1.22
  10. 10. Irish Coast.
  11. 11. Narrative story story description action description action
  12. 12. es used: Sit Youtube ngs in Picki Bra e Earth Googl ratives ctal Nar ly Fra try Dai Geome kipedia Wi
  13. 13. i cs ! ma t at h e M here ery w Its ev look you Thanks for your time, Laurence Cuffe