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  1. 1. The Benefits of Using Sheer Cover Medium FoundationMost women who wear make-up either wear too much foundation or too little. In bothcases, they do not know how to cover their blemishes. Sheer, medium and full covercover foundation are made for different purposes. Once a woman finds the rightfoundation for her skin, she will be able to make it appear healthy, young and blemishfree.Firstly, it is important to understand that very few women need foundation that givesthem full coverage. This foundation is primarily designed for women and men intelevision, film or on the stage. People in these careers need thick make-up as the lightson them melt their foundation off. Women who want foundation for everyday wear willeither need sheer cover or sheer cover medium coverage.The purpose of foundation is not to cover blemishes. Unfortunately, many womentry to do this with their foundation. This leads to a thick cover which looks fake anddiscolored. The primary use of foundation is to even out the skin tone. Women can dothis by spreading a small amount of foundation over their face with a sponge or a brush.Once this has been done, they can apply concealer, face powder and other make-upitems. Upon completion of the make-up application, women can brush a small amountof bronzer over their face. This should be enough to cover blemishes.Using the method described above is the best way to cover up acne and otherblemishes. Women who use this method will have a natural and healthy appearance.People who are concerned about their acne may want to consider getting a goodcleanser, toner and moisturizer. Usually a good cleansing routine is enough to clear upmild to moderate acne. People with more severe cases may need to see a doctor to getmedication.