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  1. 1. Cast Stone Coping Gives a Finished Look to WallsA coping stone is one that forms the top of a wall. Besides giving a completed look to awall or structure, copings also help to protect the top of the building or wall from rain andsnow and thus ensure its longevity. It is normal for most builders and architects to makecopings that are wider than the wall thickness that they are meant to protect. It is alsoquite the done thing to have these broader coping stones to have drip molds on theirbottom surfaces, so that any rain or water coming on to the coping is dropped awayfrom the wall and thus helps in reducing the formation of mildew and other ill effects ofwater. Coping stones also will have top surfaces made so that the water that walls onthem, runs off.A coping stone can be made of natural stone. Such stones however have to be workedon to make the necessary shapes. Nowadays, most coping stones are made ofconcrete and are thus cast stone coping that is very versatile. The advantage of caststone coping is that it can be made to the required size and in lengths that are easyto handle and install. It is quite common to see such cast stone copings on the topsof most swimming pool walls. They help to demarcate the pool area and the castingprocess allows for intricate designs and textures that can add to the aesthetics of apool.The casting process involved in making cast stone copings allows for a lot of flexibilityto architects and engineers. The copings can be cast in any shape and size and canbe contoured to suit the shape or configuration of the wall being protected. In cases ofswimming pools, architects even use such coping stones to provide safety and drainagefeatures, thus eliminating the need for any other separate material to provide thesefunctions.