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A class project on personal Branding.

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  • Hello, My name is Lauren Bellflower and this is my presentation about my personal brand and its changes over the course of obtaining my masters in marketing and communications.
  • We will start out with my current brand. I am trying to create brand equity in this stage of my life. The stage of Brand Positioning is where we will start.
  • Organized is the first attribute of my personal brand. I chose this because I pride myself on keeping things in line. I dislike looking for things frequently. Keeping life, school and work all within a schedule helps me to achieve my goals.
  • Problem solving is at my heart because I am constantly looking for a solution. Developing better solutions to issues occupies my thoughts most of the time. My friends and coworkers come to me with issues because they would like my ideas on how to solve them. I included the quote in case you cannot see it on the photo.
  • Enthusiasm has been a part of me for as long as I can remember. It will be extremely valuable to completing the masters program as well as obtaining a job in the future.
  • Leading is something I had to learn over time. I lead groups at the camp I work at. I allow them to work together to solve problems while guiding them to achieve more efficient communication and teamwork.
  • For the future brand, I think all of the qualities previously shown are extremely important. Developing and planning my brand to withstand the test of time is very important. Creating loyal business relationships that will transition me from my masters program, past graduation is an essential part of the brand.
  • Becoming viewed as a respected professional in my field, regardless of my age is extremely important to my future brand. Obtaining a masters in marketing will help to achieve the respect given to professionals much quicker than if I did not obtain the degree. The extra knowledge and way of thinking in addition to the extra letters after my name, will be my leverage for achieving this professional persona.
  • Being viewed as a strong and powerful brand is important for the future. Using my knowledge and experiences gained during the masters program will allow me to project confidence in business.
  • Making it through the masters program while working will prove my perseverance. It’s a quality I possess now, but will be looking to the future to strengthen.
  • Although Leadership is included in the previous section, it is equally important for post graduation as it was in pre-graduation. It should be emphasized in my personal brand for many years to come. Gaining a masters in marketing will improve upon my leadership skills and confidence as a leader.
  • Thank you!
  • Brand you! bellflower2

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