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Shooting schedule-location


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Shooting schedule-location

  1. 1. ShootingSchedule: DirectorLauren Overviewof Scene beingfilmed Bedroom Our protagonistLunaisin herbedroom, staringat herself inthe mirroras she dislikesheridentity,she thengrowsmore andmore distraught,anddecidestoreinventherself.She looksinher wardrobe andchangesher style. Our protagonistreturnstoherbedroomto remove hermake up as she realisesappearance isnotsoimportant. The fifthdaywe filmedLunalip-synching. Date & Time of filming 28th December2014- 5pm 3rd January2015- 5pm 4th January2015- 5pm Set/Location Bedroom- Lauren’shouse. Cast/Modelsrequired: Rose Tasker- Artist‘Luna’. Costumes Initiallyindrabattire- genericjeansandjumper- highlightingher insignificance. TransformationtoIndie outfit- velvetandleatherjacket- extravagantmake-upandhair. Props Mirror- forher to see herself in,andexpressherdisgust. Selection of clothes. Specific‘natural’lighting. Equipmentneeded&person responsible forit Cameraand tripod- LaurenBailey Propsand costume- Robyn/Rose/Lauren Team required Lauren,Robynand Rose.
  2. 2. Overviewof Scene beingfilmed OxfordCircus The main protagonist‘Luna’isstandingandexploringthe bus streetsof London.Filmbusesandelementsthatsignifywe are in London. Date & Time of filming 29th December2014- 3pm Set/Location OxfordCircus Central Street Cast/Models required: Rose- Artist‘Luna’ Costumes Indie outfit- velvetandleatherjacket- extravaganthairandmake- up Props N/A Equipmentneeded&person responsible forit Lauren- Camera Team required Robyn,Lauren,Rose and Ben
  3. 3. Overviewof Scene beingfilmed PiccadillyCircus Luna isin PiccadillyCircusatnightandis clearlyhappy.Featuring close upsand wide shots. Date & Time of filming 2nd January- 6pm Set/Location PiccadillyCircus Cast/Modelsrequired: Rose- Artist‘Luna’ Costumes Indie outfit- velvetandleatherjacket.Extravaganthairandmake- up. Props N/A Equipmentneeded&person responsible forit Lauren- Camera Team required Robyn,Lauren,Rose,Ben