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Fonts For Mastheads


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This powerpoint presentation shows lots of different fonts

Published in: Technology, Art & Photos
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Fonts For Mastheads

  1. 1. Fonts For Masthead Lauren Maskrey
  2. 2. I like this font as it is unique and suits well with the title. The only problem is that it might not stand out from the background. I quite like this font, it doesn’t really go with the title name. I like this font quite a lot. It suits the title name of the magazine and will be effective. This is my favourite font. It looks like the sound bar on a computer and suits the magazine genre and title.
  3. 3. This font is ok, but is a bit too jazzy for my genre. This font isn't very suitable for my magazine. This font is also ok, but isn’t very easy to read. This font looks nice, but isn’t very good to suit my magazine title and genre.