Analysing existing music magazines


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This is a presentation analysing existing music magazine front covers, contents pages and double spreads. I have said what is good about them and how they have used certain effects to make it unique.

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Analysing existing music magazines

  1. 1. Analysing Existing Music Magazines Lauren Maskrey
  2. 2. The title ‘Rave’ is in an unusual font. It is in a bright blue colour which makes it stand out from the dull background. This font is also unique, but the colour red of this font doesn’t really stand out as well as the rest of the text. The number ’24’ is in a red and yellow font, it looks the same as the font that says ‘The Holiday Issue’ which could mean that these two articles are related. The picture of Fergie is right in the middle of the magazine. It stands out, and all the headlines and writing has been put around the picture to create a border. The picture is a long shot. She is wearing a blue dress on the picture, it is the same blue as the magazine title and this relates back to the magazine and makes it stand out. She looks happy and energetic. ‘ The Holiday Issue’ is in a red font and has yellow around each letter. This is in the same font as the number ’24’ this could mean that these articles are related. The headline titles are in green which stands out, and the white sub-headings also stand out.
  3. 3. This picture is a close up. The picture is put in-between the writing, the writing is like a border around it. He looks serious and scary. The headline ‘Marilyn Manson’ is in a bold, block white font. This is so it stands out from the black background. It grabs the readers attention as it’s the first thing you see. The writing ‘Plus!’ is in red, bold font. It is the same colour as the side border. This is a good colour to use as it stands out from the black background. These three pictures are spaced out and are related to the genre of the magazine. The title of the bands are at the top of the magazine. The white font stands out from the black background and the red stars add a bit more colour. The title ‘Kerrang!’ is in a white distinctive font that can be recognised anywhere. This also stands out from the black background.
  4. 4. The title ‘VIBE’ is in a bright blue font, which stands out from the white background. The colours blue and pink are consistent on the front page and are used as they can represent females and males. The picture of Kanye West is a close up and is centred in the middle of the page, and the titles and headings have been placed around the picture to look like a border. The picture has been put slightly in front of the title to add an effect. He looks serious, concentrated and determined. The name of the artist is also in the same consistent font and colour. The headlines at the top of the magazine are in a black font which stands out again and the font is consistent again.
  5. 5. The article title is in a black and white font. It has been made to look like something out of a newspaper and this can make us think it’s serious or something we need to read. Lily Allen is the main celebrity in this specific magazine. The shot is a medium close up. Her facial expression is focused. Her red shirt is the main thing that the magazine editors want you to see first. The black and white font and colours make the red shirt stand out more. The article has been placed in the bottom left corner and is compact. This gives the photo more space. This says ‘Lily Allen’ it is the only wording in a red font. This relates to her red shirt on the photo and makes you see her name first so you know who she is.
  6. 6. There are a number of pictures here, which are all related to the same band or music. They have been placed all together and slightly on top of each other. Most of these pictures are medium close ups or long shots. These 4 boxes have a red outline and they are standing out above the black background. The red border around the magazine is the same as these boxes. This section of the article is all on the left side, which gives space for the main image, title and wording. The rest of the article is on the right side of the magazine. It has again been put where the pictures are around it. The title of the magazine has been put in the corner of the magazine. The sub-heading is in white and a distinctive font. The main title of the article has a white background with red and black lettering. This stands out from the black background. The main picture on the article is related to the main article. All the writing is placed around the image to make it stand out.
  7. 7. This image is of Lady Gaga. The article is about her and she is the min image. Her picture is on the left side so you see her first. She’s in black and white, which contrasts from the red ‘L’ and the image is a medium close up. She has a determined, serious look which makes her look interesting. The big red ‘L’ can relate to danger, passion, love or sexuality. The ‘L’ is there because her name is Lady Gaga. This colour has been used to let it contrast from the black and white picture and the writing. The text is black and white but can still see it under the red ‘L’. The words will have been kept on this side to have space there for the image.
  8. 8. The writing is in white and has a black background around it. This makes the writing stand out from the background. The red ‘Q’ has a red block around it which contrasts the contents title, this makes the title of the magazine more obvious. ‘ Every month’ also has white writing and a red block around it. This can relate to the title of the magazine. The picture relates to the genre of the music. They look serious and determined which sets the scene of the magazine.
  9. 9. The ‘contents’ in a black bold font is set out so that some of the letters are separate from others. This is unique and makes it look more interesting. The sub-headings are in a formal, curly font and it’s in black. The colour scheme is black, white and grey and the font fits in with this. The heart that’s being held is the only thing in a colour. Its in red and this makes it stand out and gives us the impression that the heart is the main part of the article. The writing is black and grey and some of it is in capitals. Its also on the right side of the page which leaves space for the image. The picture has been edited to fit in with the colour scheme. The big grey ‘V’ is the thing that you see first and it has been placed behind the title.
  10. 10. The white blocked writing stands out from the black background of the font. The magazine title is in the same font as the rest of the title, but is in a red colour. This makes the magazine title stand out. The sub-heading is in the same font as the title and has black and red font too. The red page number helps the reader to see that first. The picture has been placed in the middle with writing all around it. The other sub-headings are in a white font and has a black background around it.