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Design - Start Your API Journey Today


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Savio Rodrigues —Director, API Connect and Strong Loop Offering Management, IBM Cloud

Published in: Technology
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Design - Start Your API Journey Today

  1. 1. #IBMCloudTour16 Savio Rodrigues — Director, API Connect and StrongLoop Offering Management, IBM Cloud 1 Start Your API Journey Today
  2. 2. #IBMCloudTour16 Going to Dinner at a New Restaurant 2 • How to get there? • What to order? • Where to park?
  3. 3. #IBMCloudTour16 The API Economy in your Daily Life: Real Today 3
  4. 4. #IBMCloudTour16 The API Economy in your Daily Life: Possibilities 4 What if: The app could: Restaurant exposed their menu via an API: Pre-order appetizer & provide car’s geo location to ensure appetizer arrives as guest does City exposes Green P Parking API Reserve a parking spot while driving to the restaurant within the car’s mobile app Insurance vendor integrates with Weather Co & Auto Maker APIs Reduce available horsepower to car based on weather (and age of driver) Auto maker integrates with home security API Turn on security cameras when car has left the garage TV provider exposes programming guide API Automatically record the Raptors game as the user won’t be home in time for tipoff based on geo location of the car
  5. 5. #IBMCloudTour16 Capturing Benefits in the API Economy 5 Direct Revenue Indirect Revenue Delightful Experience
  6. 6. #IBMCloudTour16 What do the Following Have in Common? 6 Coffee company goes digital, builds $1.6B payments business, drives 21% of transactions Car company offers connected car, improves driving experience, sells vehicle data to partners Bank spurs innovation by offering hackathons, integrates rewards program with retailer partners Digital disruption fueled by API’s
  7. 7. #IBMCloudTour16 API Economy Value Chain 7 Unlock Existing Enterprise IT Investments Exposed as APIs Self Service Consumed by Developers To Develop new Innovative Apps and Services Delivering Differentiated B2C, B2B, B2E Experiences TH GS IN www
  8. 8. #IBMCloudTour16 Challenges with Multi-Speed IT / API Economy 8 Speed & Agility Integration & Scale Core Enterprise Digital Ecosystem Fast Speed Steady Speed What business outcome is expected? How will business & IT roles be impacted? How to manage the consumption of APIs across the enterprise? How to provide self-service for internal & external developers? How to enforce security at runtime? How to throttle and provide controlled access? How to introduce change with new versions? How do I know who is using my service and how much? How much should I charge for access to my service?
  9. 9. #IBMCloudTour16 What’s wrong with this picture? 9 • These Microservices are exposed to the open web! • What if getOrderById() sees a huge spike in traffic? It could bring down the SoR’s, preventing order taking, shipping, etc! Microservice: getOrderById Runtime (Node.js, WAS, etc.) Integration Tier Firewall Microservice: getProductDetailByID Runtime (Node.js, WAS, etc.) Systems of Record www Product data Orders data
  10. 10. #IBMCloudTour16 A Better Way: APIs 10 • You need: • Rate limiting • Security • Monitoring • …API Management! Microservice: getOrderById Runtime (Node.js, WAS, etc.) Integration Tier Firewall Microservice: getProductDetailByID Runtime (Node.js, WAS, etc.) Systems of Record www Product data Orders data API API API Management & Gateway (rate limiting, security, monitoring, permissions, version management, etc)
  11. 11. #IBMCloudTour16 IBM API Connect — Simplified & Comprehensive API foundation 11 What is API Connect? • An integrated creation, runtime, management, and security foundation for enterprise grade API’s and Microservices to power modern digital applications What does API Connect provide? • Automated, visual and coding options for creating APIs • Lifecycle and governance for APIs, Products and Plans • Node.js and Java support for creating Microservices • Integrated enterprise grade clustering, management and security for Node.js and Java • Access control over API’s, API Plans and API Products • Advanced API usage analytics • Customizable, self service developer portal for publishing APIs • Policy enforcement, security and control Create Run ManageSecure
  12. 12. #IBMCloudTour16 IBM Connect Enables Hybrid Architectures to Speed Digital Transformations and Leverage Existing Investments 12 Hybrid Cloudz/OS DB2 APIs APIs ERP Customer Data Partner Ecosystem Enterprise Systems Connections WebSphere Connect, z/OS Connect, Business Operations Connect, DB2 Connect 1. Expose & Publish logic and data from Systems of Record as APIs 2. Connect to cloud from on-premises business logic to enhance applications (Watson API, Data services) Cloud Connections API Connect, App Connect, Message Connect, DataWorks Forge 1. Discover & Consume APIs 2. Create new APIs & Microservices 3. Connect from Cloud to on-prem apps Benefits: Stimulate Innovation | Extend Agency Reach | Increase Engagement
  13. 13. #IBMCloudTour16 Learn More 13 1. LEVERAGE Complimentary Offer - Digital Transformation Workshop — Mastering the API Economy: 2. COMPLIMENTARY APIs for Dummies: 3. VISIT API Connect Youtube Channel: 4. Connect to Cloud - FREE access to Cloud Connect capabilities and services through December 2016 5. CONTINUE THE DISCUSSION — JOIN ME at the DESIGN roundtable: “APIs” Offer Page