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Design - Integration Scenarios for Hybrid Cloud


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Dave Beeler - IBM Federal Hybrid Cloud Architect

Published in: Technology
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Design - Integration Scenarios for Hybrid Cloud

  1. 1. Hybrid Cloud Integration Dave Beeler IBM Federal Hybrid Cloud Architect #HybridCloudTour
  2. 2. #HybridCloudTour #3 Integration being adopted in the line of business #1Increasing need to integrate across a hybrid environment Changing dynamics require a combination of app + API + data integration in an enterprise solution #2 Three primary trends changing the integration market 2
  3. 3. #HybridCloudTour “Two-Speed IT” drives a new integration architecture Systems of Insight Systems of Record Hybrid Integration Mobile API economy IoT Systems of Engagement 3
  4. 4. #HybridCloudTour4 { } { } NoSQL { } { } NoSQL APIs API & Event Composition Connectors Data Synchronization Gateway (external) SOR System of Record (SOR) DB Access Layer SOR ESB Connectors Core Business Operations Empowering Lines of Business Building Systems of Engagement Customers Partners SaaS Offerings API Economy IoT ETL Messaging Events HybridIntegration platform XaaS On-Premise Cloud affinity Modern Integration Landscape 4
  5. 5. #HybridCloudTour 5 A Range of Integration Services Have Been Optimized for the Cloud developer Workflow Message Hub Cloud Integration API Connect API Management
  6. 6. #HybridCloudTour HYBRID INTEGRATION SaaS PaaSOn-Premise CONNECT XFORM DELIVER COMPOSE EXPOSE API MANAGEMENT SECURE GATEWAY INTEGRATION ENGINE CREATE - OPERATE - MANAGE - MONITOR - GOVERN Data APIsApps TH GS IN MESSAGE & EVENT HUB IBM Hybrid Integration Platform • A cohesive & modular offering for any integration need Hybrid is the future of Integration 6
  7. 7. #HybridCloudTour A hybrid cloud app platform for easily deploying applications and middleware with enterprise grade qualities of service Over 200 patterns including:• Automated elasticity • Multi-site deployment • High availability & disaster recovery • Monitoring • License management • Intelligent placement • Centralized logging • Security • IIB • BPM • ODM • API Connect • DataPower • Mobile • WAS • Portal • DB2 • Oracle • MQ • WSRR + any Red Hat/AIX/Windows software Seamlessly deploy & move workloads between on & off-premises without change: • PureApplication System • PureApplication Service • PureApplication Software A cloud platform can also automate and accelerate traditional integration capabilities • 7
  8. 8. #HybridCloudTour IBM Connect — enables hybrid architectures to Leverage existing investments Enterprise Systems Connections WebSphere Connect, z/OS Connect, Business Operations Connect, DB2 Connect • Expose & Publish logic and data from Systems of Record as APIs • Connect to cloud from on-premises business logic to enhance applications (Watson API, Data services) Cloud Connections API Connect, App Connect, Message Connect, DataWorks Forge • Discover & Consume APIs • Create new APIs & Microservices • Connect from Cloud to on-prem apps Benefits: Stimulate Innovation | Extend Agency Reach | Increase Engagement Hybrid Cloudz/OS DB2 APIs APIs ERP Customer Data Partner Ecosystem 8
  9. 9. #HybridCloudTour Use Case: Federal Regulatory Agency 9 Consumers Internal Apps API Gateway Portal Cloud ESB (NB) Managed File TransferCloud Databases Enterprise Databases Enterprise ESB Enterprise Applications API Management (API Connect) • Console • Analytics • Developer Support
  10. 10. #HybridCloudTour Learn More • Connect to Cloud — FREE access to Cloud Connect capabilities and services through December 2016 Offer Page • • LEVERAGE IBM Integration Redbooks • • • CONTINUE THE DISCUSSION — JOIN ME at the DESIGN roundtable: “Integration” 10
  11. 11. #HybridCloudTour Session Break