Prop 8


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  • Prop 8

    1. 1. Created by: Lauren Sunderland
    2. 2. The clause "Only marriage between a man and awoman is valid or recognized in California." is nowofficially part of the California state constitution (asof November 5, 2008).
    3. 3.
    4. 4. In my community families advertized their stance onthe proposition by picketing outside of schools andchurches. Signs were put on front lawns and t-shirtswere worn all over town. As an advocate for thelegalization of same-sex marriages it was devastatingand until the final votes were made our communitywas split. This proposition affects every individual.
    5. 5. No: Against the passing of Prop 8• 47.5%• 4,883,460 votesYes: For the passing of Prop 8• 52.5%• 5,387,939 votes
    6. 6. For more Information: eSex-FactSheets.pdf Cannot file joint tax returns and enjoy income and estate tax benefits No family health coverage, child custody and medical leave Do not have the automatic ability to make medical decisions for anDenied Rights for Same- incapacitated spouse, Sex Couples Cannot assume pension or Social Security benefits in No Legal Right to Marry the event of the death of a same-sex partner
    7. 7. Homosexual marriage Upholding traditional would radically redefine Homosexual marriage marriage is not marriage to include degrades a time- "discrimination" virtually any sexual honored institution behavior. Homosexual marriage Polls consistently show Homosexual marriage is would subject children that the majority of not a civil rights issue to unstable home Americans reject same- environments sex marriage Homosexual activistsYes on have a political agenda: to radically redefine the institution of marriage Prop 8
    8. 8. ***By encouraging children to acceptothers no matter their sexual orientationwill allow for future acceptance inupcoming societies
    9. 9.  Regarding whats next in the battle for marriage equality, several lawsuits have already been filed with the courts to stop Prop 8 from going into effect, challenging its legality under the US constitutional amendment 14 guaranteeing "equal protection" under the law. This was a major setback for civil rights to gay people, but its not the end of the road. Marriage equality will continue to be fought for, and I hope it succeeds. I voted no on prop 8, as a straight female, and I will always be proud of that.
    10. 10. Marriage is a HUMAN RIGHTnot a heterosexual privilege
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