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The Fan Fiction Reading Guide


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PCA/ACA 2019

Published in: Internet
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The Fan Fiction Reading Guide

  1. 1. THE FAN FICTION READING GUIDE presented by Lauren Rouse, DePaul University @ROUSELAURENC The Role of Multimedia in Producing Fic and Its Use as a Close Reading Tool
  2. 2. Presentation Outline POINTS FOR DISCUSSION Introduction Study Topic Study Question Study Objectives Methods Results Discussions Conclusions @rouselaurenc fanart by morgcity
  3. 3. @rouselaurenc Introduction THIS STUDY LOOKS TO UNDERSTAND: The relationship between multimedia and the production/promotion process of fan fiction. Fanart by wieringo
  4. 4. Anything that supplements fan fiction that is outside of the actual text. WHAT IS MULTIMEDIA?
  6. 6. @rouselaurenc METHODS THESIS OUTLINE IN 3 STEPS Research Interviews with Partcipants Text Analysis
  7. 7. @rouselaurenc Leewuen and Kress Literature Review Completed work on the effects of multimedia on learners and looked to understand how to close read multimedia Black and Anderson-Howell Researched how to insert fandom into the class as a way to connect students to literature, media, & art. Pande and Booth Discussed the intersections of race and fandom, as well as, the representations of fans in society, both online and in person fanartbyinaisyah
  8. 8. PARTICIPANTSELECTION @rouselaurenc
  9. 9. PARTICIPANT NO.1 discord | AO3 | pillowfort supernatural @rouselaurenc
  10. 10. FANDOM BACKGROUND Supernatural started in fandom at age thirteen. She publishes mostly in the Supernatural fandom, but also in the MCU and Harry Potter fandoms. She is a moderator on a discord channel, does publishing commissions, and has recently started working with mood boards and fan art. SUPERNATURAL @rouselaurenc
  11. 11. Current Works Working on a sequel to a previous work Using multimedia for cover art and for mood boards Working with same artist as before Utilizes discord as a workshopping space, as well as promotion and discussion @rouselaurenc fanart by irensupernatural
  12. 12. @rouselaurenc reader interactions Moderator on several discord channels; able to connect, share stories, and offer advice/feedback discord Posts mostly in the Supernatural fandom; also publishes works in various Marvel ships AO3 New to pillowfort, enjoys the tumblr-like aspect of this website; not many fans on the website yet pillowfort
  13. 13. PARTICIPANT NO.2 dreamwidth | AO3 | twitter marvel @rouselaurenc
  14. 14. FANDOM BACKGROUND Marvel began writing in the Twilight fandom, where she picked up useful writing and publishing skills. Naturally navigated�to the MCU fandom where she writes in the Steve/Bucky ship. She runs a very active twitter account, and is currently working on a fic that will have 40+ illustrations, some in traditional art style and some in comic book panels. MARVEL @rouselaurenc
  15. 15. Current Works Currently writing a 90+k story that has just been sent for beta editing Has been releasing sneak peeks on twitter of both the art and the story Fic is focused on non-canon AUs Developed out of Marvel's background in poli-sci and religion; love for mythology @rouselaurenc
  16. 16. @rouselaurenc reader interactions Dreamwidth is a new, tumblr-like website that uses a heavily modified livejournal code dreamwidth Posts mostly in the Marvel Steve/Bucky ship; typically publishes shorter length works AO3 Marvel is very active on their twitter; posts about current WIPs, their life, and political viewpoints twitter
  17. 17. PARTICIPANT NO.3 tumblr | AO3 | kofi star wars @rouselaurenc
  18. 18. FANDOM BACKGROUND Currently living in southeastern Asia, Star Wars is a popular author in their fandom. They are very active on tumblr and are currently working on two WIPs: both of which should be finishing up soon. Their past fandoms have included Harry Potter, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Teen Wolf, and Game of Thrones� STAR WARS @rouselaurenc
  19. 19. Current Works Hundred thousand plus word epic nearing conclusion Reader guides on every chapter Due to the popularity of the fic, many fans create mood boards and fanart @rouselaurenc fanart by Eliza Kitty
  20. 20. @rouselaurenc reader interactions Very active on tumblr still; (may be due to their ship being white/ hetero/ cis); has large following tumblr Very responsive to comments on AO3; utilizes the reader guide function for their stories AO3 Functioning similar to patreon, Star Wars receives funds from fans through kofi. kofi
  21. 21. @rouselaurenc TEXT ANALYSIS SCRAPING THE WEB Wanted to perform a text analysis on the comments, tweets, posts - See how often phrases are repeated - Create a word web via "R" to show this
  22. 22. FURTHER STUDIES WHERE ELSE CAN WE LOOK? Analyzing how social media may impact the reading of a text Analyzing representations of race in multimedia @rouselaurenc fanartbyzhylphia
  23. 23. @rouselaurenc Conclusion #1 HOW DOES MULTIMEDIA IMPACT THE PRODUCTION? Multimedia changes the way a writer thinks about and produces their work. They consider how their writing is visually represented and/or take into account what their readers may not know about the subject topic. They put the needs of the readers first by making their piece accessible through multimedia. fanartbySolKorra
  24. 24. @rouselaurenc Conclusion #2 HOW DOES MULTIMEDIA INFLUENCE READER INTERACTION? Readers can "see" what the author is describing Readers can analyze the multimedia and learn more about a given ship/fandom Multimedia can be a discussion point fanart by Nicol�s Mu�oz
  25. 25. Conclusion #3 DOES IT IMPACT LEARNING SKILLS? "Self-directed learning is tied to fan fiction and is also tied to the choices of resources, tools, and provides an authentic use of technology in the classroom. Fans choose the most 'effective media, tools, language, and resources to accomplish specific communicative purposes.' Writing fan fiction gives students creative writing skills, communicative practices, and social support that they might not have gotten in traditional classrooms" (Black 127). @rouselaurenc
  26. 26. Thank you! twitter @rouselaurenc email