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My favourite movie scene


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In English we prepared a slideshow on our favourite movie scene :)

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My favourite movie scene

  1. 1. My Favourite Movie scene: The Graveyard scene(Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire)
  2. 2. Significance:O The resurrection of Lord Voldemort in "Goblet of Fire" graveyard scene marks a turning point for the "Harry Potter" movies, things got dark and went downhill very quickly for Harry after this point. The whole climatic scene at the end of the fourth "Potter" movie -- from Cedric being killed to Harrys close escape -- are some of the most engaging minutes the "Harry Potter" franchise has produced. Plus, it marked the introduction of Ralph Fiennes to the series, as a brilliant and terrifying Lord Voldemort.
  3. 3. Scene Summary:O After Harry Potter, Victor Krum, Cedric Digory and Fleur Delacour tackled the maze in the final stage of the TriWizard Tournament, only Cedric and Harry remain. They decide they want to win together, as they are upset by the way wizards will turn on one another. In the scene, they are both transported to a graveyard via port key. Voldemort ordered Pettigrew to "kill the spare," and Cedric was struck with the Killing Curse. Harry was then trapped so that Pettigrew could take some of his blood, to use in a Dark potion to restore Voldemort. Pettigrew also took a bone from the grave of Tom Riddle and his own hand, as part of the potion. Voldemort was reborn and constructed a silver hand to replace the one Pettigrew lost. He then pressed a long bony finger on his Dark Mark, calling his Death Eaters to him. Harry and Voldemort duel and then harry transports himself and Cedrics body back to Hogwarts, on instructions from Cedrics spirit for his body to be returned to his father.
  4. 4. Lighting in this scene:O The lighting in this scene is very dim, with the added effect of fog. This is to create an air of mystery and suspense. It also is effective in creating an eerie atmosphere. It is dark, yet, everything and everyone in the scene is still clearly visible.
  5. 5. Camera Angle:O The camera angle in this scene changes as the scene plays out.O Initially, at the beginning on the scene in which Cedric is killed, there is a wide shot of him and Harry and the entire graveyard. This shows us our setting. Then there are close up shots of both Harry and Cedric. When Voldemort is re-born, the shots are mainly low, looking up at Harry, then up at the changing Voldemort. This allows us to get a clear picture.O After this, there are many wide shots, then low shots looking up at Voldemort. There are also some eye level shots of Harry, so we can see his expressions clearly. There are some medium shots of Harry and Voldemort. For the climax of the scene a wide shot it used, so that we can view all the action taking place with ease.O
  6. 6. Make-up:O The make up used in this scene is very important and key to the scenes effectiveness.O Harry has some make up on to give the effect that his face is covered in dirt and cuts from taking part in the tournament and battle. This adds to the distress that he is in. We can see he has been through a lot.O Voldemort of course has special effects make up, which give him his alien-like appearance.O Harry and Cedric both have cuts and bruises to convey to us as we watch, the fighting and struggling they had to do just to make it through the tournament.O Finally, Harry has his iconic lightning bolt scar on his forehead, so we all know who is Harry.
  7. 7. Costume:O In this scene, the costumes are based on what “House” the character is in. Harry wears the Griffindor colours, Cedric wears Hufflepuff etc.O The costumes worn are distressed, torn, covered in both blood and dirt. Again, showing what the characters have gone through.O Voldemort wears a long black cloak which adds to the air of mystery surrounding him and makes him seem more ominous.O The other characters in the scene wear black/dark clothing also to show they are also evil characters. To make them seem scarier.
  8. 8. Non-Verbal Communication:O There is not really any non-verbal communication between characters in this scene.O However, without speaking, Harry does manage to convey his fear and despair whilst Voldemort is leaning over him, ready to end his life once and for all.O A close up on his face allows us to see this communicated clearly, without using spoken word.O (this happens at 1:01 in the Battle video linked)
  9. 9. Sound and visual effects:O There are some very important special effects in this scene and without them the scene wouldn’t be anywhere near as exciting.O Sound effects are used when Harry and Voldemort are having their battle. They are both using their wands to cast a spell and the sound it makes is really spectacular. (1:49 in the Battle video link)O Along with this, the use of the wand in this scene always comes hand in hand with some visual effects. Flashes of coloured light and lightning like effects when magic is used can be seen in both video links. Without it, the use of the magic wouldn’t have anywhere near as much visual impact.O Also in Voldemorts re-birth, the special effects are a ball of fire which engulf him as he is reborn, also the cauldron which is bubbling with blood is a really cool and spooky special effect. Each are highly visually dynamic.
  10. 10. Cast and Links:O Harry Potter: Daniel RadcliffeO Cedric Diggory: Robert PattinsonO Lord Voldemort: Ralph FiennesO Peter Pettigrew/Wormtail: Timothy SpallO The Death Of Diggory: Voldemort Reborn: Harry and Voldemort Battle: (All of these clips, in this order, make up the one scene)
  11. 11. Why I love this scene:O This is my favourite scene from a film because it was a really significant scene in the Harry Potter franchise. Up until then there had been no physical person acting as Voldemort. There had just been his voice. Now Voldemort is reborn and back to cause even more trouble for Harry. Also, I love this scene because it was eerie, scary, and had a brand new character introduced (Cedric). I love the special effects in this scene too, the coloured light, and the “canopy” of light, during the battle is amazing to watch. It is both scary, exciting and sad as Cedric dies. The characters in the scene, the effects, the lighting, the sounds, all add to it being a really visually dynamic viewing experience.
  12. 12. Thank you for reading my powerpoint, I hope you haveenjoyed it  By Lauren Higgins-Roche