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Lanmark Engineering 2013

  1. 1. Overview Success = Shared Vision + Practical Design + On Budget + On Schedule Provided to <Company Name> <Month Day, Year>
  2. 2. Overview • Corporate Information • Geographical Areas of Professional Registration • Mission Statement and Core Philosophies • Services and Capabilities • Quality • Health Safety and Environment • Insurance • • • • • • • • • • • Conventional Gas Well Tie-In Gas Pipelines Conventional Gas Facilities Gas Compression Conventional Oil Facilities Crude Oil Pipelines and Terminals Petrochemical and Refinery Brine Processing and Injection LPG and Fractionation Facilities Value added Case Study Why partner with Lanmark
  3. 3. Corporate Information YEARS IN BUSINESS •Lanmark originally started up in 1978 providing engineering services to the oil and gas industry in Alberta. OWNERSHIP GROUP •Jeff Larsen, P.Eng. -President •Tom Bratrud, P.Eng. -VP, Projects •Aaron Glazier, P.Eng- VP, Business Development •Lana Naugler, CGA – VP, Finance •Bernie Calkins, P.Eng. – Team Lead •Jon Bell - Team Lead •Taylor Bianchini, P.Eng. – Team Lead •Mark Preston, CET – Drafting Manager OUR PEOPLE ARE OUR BUSINESS •Lanmark is a firm of 85 staff
  4. 4. Corporate Information
  5. 5. Corporate Information PROJECT TEAM ORG CHART
  7. 7. Core Philosophies LANMARK MISSION STATEMENT • Lanmark completes successful projects. Our People make it happen! • Success = Shared Vision + Practical Design + On Budget + On Schedule EXCEED CLIENT EXPECTATIONS • Lanmark provides appropriately designed, constructible package, delivered on-time, and on-budget. MAXIMIZE CLIENT RATE OF RETURN • Lanmark maximizes the rate of return on the client’s investment with the effective implementation of a practical design that reduces capital expenditure and operational costs while providing a safe facility.
  8. 8. Services and Capabilities PRIMARY CLIENT SERVICES: •Project Management •Operations & Optimization Engineering •Engineering – – – – Process Engineering Mechanical Engineering Electrical, Instrumentation, Controls Engineering Civil / Structural Engineering •Procurement •Regulatory •Design and Drafting - 3d and 2D – Mechanical Design and Drafting – EIC Design and Drafting – Civil Structural Design and Drafting •Construction Management •Site Assessments / Visits
  9. 9. Quality WHAT IS QUALITY: • Meeting our clients expectations. ISO HOW LANMARK MAINTAINS QUALITY: • Lanmark has a Quality Management Systems “QMS” based on ISO 9001. • Lanmark establishes effective communication. • Lanmark develops a relationship with all project stakeholders. 9001 based QMS
  10. 10. Health Safety and Environment HEALTH AND SAFETY: • Lanmark is dedicated to protecting the health and safety of our employees, contractors and the public. • Member of ISNETWORLD, COMPLY WORKS. • Certificate Of Recognition (COR) certified. ENVIRONMENT: • Environmental considerations integrated into all aspects of design and operations. • Strive to continuously to monitor and identify ways to minimize our impact on the environment and promote sustainability.
  11. 11. Insurance INSURANCE: •Lanmark realizes the importance of protecting our clients assets and interests. •Professional Liability Insurance - $5 Million worldwide. •Commercial General Liability Insurance - $5 Million worldwide. •General Aggregate - $10 Million •Automobile Insurance - $5 Million •Workman Compensation Insurance •Employers liability insurance - $5 Million
  12. 12. Conventional Gas Well Tie-In Facilities
  13. 13. Conventional Gas Well Tie-In Facilities Capabilities • Gas field gathering system design (hydraulics) • Single/Dual and Multi-well pad facilities • Critically Sour gas facilities • High pressure piping design • High CO2 • Line heaters • Compressor stations • Refrigeration plants • Emissions handling systems • Dehydration
  14. 14. Conventional Gas Well Tie-In Facilities Experience Samson Canada Limited Gas Dehydration Facility – Buick Creek, British Columbia • Designed and constructed a gas dehydration plant to accommodate the expected rate of 25 mmscfd of produced sour gas with a field increase of up to 70 mmscfd. • Completed flare stack sizing, and H2S release rate calculations. • Design consisted of three (3) knock out tanks and one (1) flare stack for instantaneous flow of 150 mmscfd. • Preparation and submission on Kermit of OGC regulatory requirements including BC-20 and as-builts.
  15. 15. Conventional Gas Well Tie-In Facilities Experience Penn West Energy Well Tie-Ins and Flexpipe Pipeline Installation – Strachan, Alhambra and Medicine River • Tied in nine (9) new or standing Penn West wells into Keyera gathering system in Strachan, Alhambra and Medicine River fields. • A total of 9870 meters of 3” OD flexpipe and 2425 meters of 4” OD flexpipe to bring production from each well to the designated tie-in points. • Tie-ins were to Keyera specifications. • Wellsites were outfitted with separator tank combo packages and a 45 degree flexpipe riser with full barrel type pig receiver. • Process modeling of separators to determine suitability of a smaller separator for the low pressure application.
  16. 16. Gas Pipelines
  17. 17. Gas Pipelines Capabilities • • • • • • • • • • Gathering system modelling Acid gas pipelines Class 1 pipelines NEB pipelines Transmission pipelines Riser stations ESD stations Compression stations River crossings Pipeline Bridges
  18. 18. Gas Pipelines Experience Harvest Operations Corporation Fuel Gas Pipelines – Leismer, Alberta • Designed and installed 6095m of 219mm OD pipeline to transport 1189 e3m3/day of fuel gas at 9930 kPag from TCPL to the KNOC SAGD facility. • Designed and installed 1200m of 114mm OD pipeline to transport 396 e3m3/day of fuel gas at 9930 kPag pipeline to SAGD wellsites. • Designed and installed 1130m of 114mm OD (c/w HDPE liner) with 50mm urethane foam protected with PE coating to supply source water for steam generation..
  19. 19. Conventional Gas Facilities
  20. 20. Conventional Gas Facilities Capabilities • • • • • • • • • Amine sweetening systems Refrigeration plants Glycol dehydration systems Condensate stabilization Molecular sieve systems Membrane CO2 systems NGL terminals Deep-cut plants Clause/sulfur plants
  21. 21. Conventional Gas Facilities Experience NAL Resources Gas Processing Facility - Sturgeon Lake • Project scope included the design, procurement and installation of: – Inlet free water knock-out/separator – Refrigeration plant with a capacity of 20.0 mmcfd of raw gas – De-ethanizer and de-ethanizer overhead compressor – Vapour recovery compressor – NGL bullet; and new flare stack
  22. 22. Conventional Gas Facilities Experience Blaze Energy Limited Optimization of Brazeau Gas Plant – Brazeau, Alberta • Lanmark modeled the Brazeau Gas Plant Amine process, Claus Process and steam systems with main focus on identifying system and component capacities and potential areas of optimization. • Gas Inlet volume of 5,040 E3M3/Day (178 mmscfd) • 26% Acid gas at the inlet – with a configuration of 90% H2S & 10% CO2 • Lanmark identified gas plant system capacities and made recommendations in the optimization of the amine system which resulted in annual savings of approximately $1MM annually.
  23. 23. Gas Compression
  24. 24. Gas Compression Capabilities • • • • • • • • • Recip Compressors Acid gas Compression/Injection Screw Compressors Vapour Recovery Units Compressor re-cylindering Compressor overhaul Compressor Troubleshoot Optimization Process compressor in process packages • Compressor sizing/modelling
  25. 25. Gas Compression Experience Penn West Exploration Compressor Modification – Strachan, Alberta • Retrofit of a 4000 HP, single stage, sour service unit to a 3stage configuration. • The flow through was increased to 390 e3m3 per day form 210 e3m3 • Discharge piping of compressor was modified to accommodate the increased throughput
  26. 26. Gas Compression Experience Penn West Exploration Screw Compressor Installation Slave Lake, Alberta • Designed, procured and installed a 1700 HP Screw Compressor with a 4160 V electric driver, to lower the inlet pressure to 340 kPag (15 psig). • Electrical modifications to existing MCC building and update the shutdown logic controls
  27. 27. Conventional Oil Facilities
  28. 28. Conventional Oil Facilities Capabilities • • • • • • • • • • • Sour and Sweet Oil Facilities Oil Batteries Oil Satellites Oil Treating Facilities Testing Facilities Tank Farm Tank Treating LACT Stations Desalt Systems De-sand Systems Water Injection & Treating Facilities
  29. 29. Conventional Oil Facilities Experience EOG Resources Canada Inc Oil Battery (10,000 Bbl/Day) Manitoba • Designed, procured and constructed an oil battery facility to receive oil emulsion via pipelines and trucks for separation of gas, oil and water. • Two (2) Heated Oil Treaters (8’-0” O.D. x 30’-0” S/S, 950,000 BTU/HR each) • Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) package, including oil shipping pump • Seven (7) 2000 bbl tank farm (oil effluent storage, sales oil and produced water storage)
  30. 30. Conventional Oil Facilities Experience CNRL Oil Treating Facility Turin, Alberta • Modifications to the existing central battery to enhance the recovery of oil in the Turin development. required modeling of the complete process. • One (1) FWKO, sized, designed and installed • Installed a new water charge and injection pump (800 m3/d) to meet the increased inlet flow rates to the site in to the existing pump building • Relocation of the existing pump building, the recycle transfer pump, varsol bath, centrifuge and instrument air package due to changes in the area classification • Electrical modifications to existing MCC building and updated the shutdown logic controls • Updated injection system controls to run two pump trains in tandem during added flow
  31. 31. Crude Oil Pipelines and Terminals
  32. 32. Crude Oil Pipelines and Terminals Capabilities • Initiation & booster pumping stations • Trunk & spur pipelines • Pipeline rehabilitation • Pipeline terminals • Truck and railcar loading facilities • Truck and railcar off-loading facilities • Product storage terminals • Mainline valve stations • LACT/Metering stations • Retrofits and upgrades to pumping stations control systems
  33. 33. Crude Oil Pipelines and Terminals Experience Suncor Inc., Resources Group Crude Oil Pipelines and Terminals Six (6) Crude Oil Pumping Stations and Two (2) Station Upgrades • Designed, procured and constructed six new pumps stations and upgraded two existing stations. • Upgraded 430 km of 22,000 m3/day liquids pipeline. Power studies were completed to examine electrical grid loading to prevent browning out at local towns. • Five (5) 2500 hp pump stations (All electrically driven w VFD grass roots installations.) • One (1) 3000 hp pump station (Electrically driven w/ VFD grass roots installations.
  34. 34. Crude Oil Pipelines and Terminals Experience Enbridge Crude Oil Pipelines and Terminals Enbridge System (Canadian Mainline) Cromer Truck Terminal Blending Facility • Installation of a new blending, pumping, metering system and associated infrastructure to accommodate blending Light Sour crude with heavier crude. Bringing the combined blend to the higher end of the acceptable density range for Enbridge while maximizing revenue on the heavier crude. • The blend density was increased from the current level of 854 kg/m3 nearer to the maximum allowable LSB blend density of 870 kg/m3.
  35. 35. Crude Oil Pipelines and Terminals Experience Parkland Refining Ltd. Bowden Rail / Truck Terminal Pipelines Parkland System (Bowden Terminal) • Installation of a pipeline corridor between the Bowden storage facility and new Bowden Railcar facility for the purpose of transferring fuels and fuel oils between railcars and the storage facility. • The railcar unloading facility consists of three 8” fuel pipelines and one 6” water pipeline within the pipeline corridor, fuel pumps, and other associated piping/valving equipment.
  36. 36. Petrochemical and Refinery
  37. 37. Petrochemical and Refinery Capabilities • Blending Facilities • Nitric Acid Plants (Weak & Strong Acid) • Ammonia Nitrate Plant • Steam System Design • Liquid & Dry Storage facilities (Nitrogen, Ammonia, Acid) • Liquid and dry product truck and rail terminals with measurement • Cooling water systems • Facility optimization and turnarounds • Polishing or deionization system • Fire suppression design
  38. 38. Petrochemical and Refinery Experience ExxonMobil Lube Oil Blending and Packaging Plant Beaumont, Texas • Installation of an enterprise control system to fully automate production batch operations for lube oil blending, packaging and bulk loading of trucks and rail cars. • Full automation and batch sequencing of both inline and batch blending systems. • Bulk loading consisted of two truck loading racks and one rail car loading rack. Rail rack has the capacity for 40 rail cars per day. • Control system consisted of customized web based system to integrate new batch control system with SAP.
  39. 39. Petrochemical and Refinery Experience El Dorado Nitrogen Baytown Nitric Acid Plant and Terminal Baytown, Texas • Designed, built and commissioned a Nitric Acid plant, storage facilities, automated loading and unloading terminals. • built with the capability to automatically load and off load 80 trucks per day. • Pipeline, pump, and metering systems for custody transfer to Bayer Corporation. • Installation of five (5) 5000 bbl storage tanks associated piping, transfer pumps and meters.
  40. 40. Brine Processing and Injection Facilities
  41. 41. Brine Processing and Injection Capabilities • • • • Brine Injection Brine tank storage Salinity measurement Corrosion mitigation strategies • Material selection • Internal coatings • • • • • • Brine pumping Brine/Produced water pipelines Truck and railcar terminals Brine pond storage Water treatment Desalinization plants
  42. 42. Brine Processing and Injection Experience Penn West Energy Salt Water Injection System Refurbishment • Replaced the salt water injection piping for 20,000 m3/d (125,800 bbl/d) 25 mPa (3,625 PSIG) 100°C (212°F) facility. • Completed hydraulic modeling to mitigate erosion issues and minimize pipe OD vs. pressure drops. • Internal coating & material selection to address corrosion from high chlorides exacerbated by high temperatures and CO2. • Piping modeling layout to address high pipe stresses from expansion due to 100°C (212°F) design temperatures • As-building of existing piping to allow for completion of new pipe fabrication. • Modified existing PLC and control philosophy.
  43. 43. Brine Processing and Injection Experience Penn West Energy Salt Water Injection System Refurbishment Swan Hills, Alberta • Replaced 35 km of salt water injection piplines designed to 25 mPa (3,625 PSIG) 100°C (212°F) . • Pipe OD of 12”, 10”, 8” with a wall thickness of 0.5”. • Completed hydraulic modeling to mitigate erosion issues and minimize pipe OD vs. pressure drops. • Internal coating & material selection to address corrosion from high chlorides exacerbated by high temperatures and CO2. • Piping modeling layout to address high pipe stresses from expansion due to 100°C (212°F) design temperatures • Extensive geotechinical design and pipe stress analysis to compensate for low soil cohesion and high temperature
  44. 44. Brine Processing and Injection Experience Amoco Canada Petroleum Fort Saskatchewan Fractionation and Storage Complex • Assessment of the NGL/Brine injection systems. • Designed and managed the addition of five (5) new NGL turbine meter runs and proving facilities for the Fort Saskatchewan fractionation plant. • Modifications to Amoco’s Edmonton Storage site (new meters and piping to four existing NGL spheres). • Design and installation of approximately 32 Km (20mi) of 8” NGL Pipeline from Edmonton Storage Facility to Amoco Fractionation facility. • Increasing outgoing capacity by 43,600 M3/day (8000 gpm) NGL liquids.
  45. 45. LPG and Fractionation Facilities
  46. 46. LPG and Fractionation Facilities Capabilities • • • • Fractionation plants Debutanizer/deethanizer Cryogenic plants Deep cut processes for recovery of ethane, butane, propane and pentane plus • LPG pumping systems • LPG Storage • CO2, H2S and mercaptan removal • Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) recovery & NGL fractionation • Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) recovery
  47. 47. LPG and Fractionation Facilities Experience Galleon Energy Gas Processing Plant Shadow Gas Plant • Designed and constructed a gas processing plant to accommodate sour natural gas (0.3 mol% H2S) at an inlet rate of 283 e3m3/d (10 MMscfd), water rate of 50 m3/d (315 bbl/d) and a condensate rate of 50 m3/d (315 bbl/d), with provisions for a future production of 566 e3m3/d (20 MMscfd).
  48. 48. LPG and Fractionation Facilities Experience Canadian Natural Resources Limited Gas Plant Optimization – Liquid Stabilization Systems West Stoddart Gas Plant Facility • Engaged to build a second liquid stabilization train for the Stoddard Gas Plant to process an expected increase in liquid production. • Lanmark modeled the Gas Plant with a focus on identifying system and component capacities and potential areas of optimization. • Lanmark determined that a second liquid stabilization train was not required. • Lanmark designed and installed a new tray system for the existing stabilization tower, a larger feed drum, a larger inlet header and increased the inlet separator dump lines.
  49. 49. Case Study – Maximizing Rate of Return Client Situation: Lanmark was engaged to design and build a compressor station. Scope Definition: • Lanmark began the Design Basis Memorandum (DBM) by defining the problem as stated by client and vetting the scope. • Lanmark created design documentation based on design flow rates and client supplied information. Client Savings – 40% Reduction in Capital: • Lanmark determined from design calculations that a compressor station of half the volumetric capacity was required. • This resulted in 40% reduction in capital cost for infrastructure and construction. • Lanmark was able to do this because of open communication with all stake holders in the project. % 40 -
  50. 50. Why Partner with Lanmark… A relationship with Lanmark creates success for our clients by providing: •Practical efficient, compliant design resulting in lower AFE capital investment & operating cost. •Projects online on or ahead of schedule thus allowing forecasted cash flows to be realized. •Quality engineering products and services for successful execution.
  51. 51. Overview Success = Shared Vision + Practical Design + On Budget + On Schedule