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Lean Office and Business Management System Presentation

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  • Welcome everyone. I’m Lauren O’Brien from Imanect. Imanect works closely with businesses to find solutions that will remove problems they might be experiencing. Our solutions will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your business and allow you to provide value to your clients.
  • IntroductionSo what does Imanect do?Well today I’m going to talk about 3 key services that Imanect provide. They are Lean principles, strategic development and change management services and our Business Management System which we refer to as Five Fives.These tools can be used to compliment one another. You can offer training to your employees to equip them with the skills and knowledge in Lean, then we can help your business to transfer that knowledge to the workplace and customise Lean to meet your business needs, all the while developing a business management system that locks on your investment and competitive edge.So who’s heard of Lean?
  • Lean PrinciplesWell for those of you that haven’t, Lean can best be described as a culture that focuses on continuous improvement and quality. Lean offers tools that allows you to identify and eliminate waste from your business enabling you to improve the quality of the services and products you provide. Lean will save you money and keep your customers happy.Imanect have partnered with Improve Group an RTO that develops the courses. We work closely together teaching people how to embrace Lean and customise it to their workplace.Improve Group and Imanect provide the following courses:Lean Office Practitioner - MSS30312 Certificate III in Competitive Systems and PracticesLean Office Facilitator - MSS40312 Certificate IV in Competitive Systems and PracticesLean Office Master - MSS50312 Diploma of Competitive Systems and PracticesSo now that you have the skills and knowledge how do you apply it to your business?
  • Lean ImplementationImplementation of Lean works in two ways:Strategic Development – The Lean Office Journey begins with management understanding the methodology and then committing to its implementation throughout the organization. We work withyour management team to define a 2-3yr Lean Roadmap based on your organisations needs, culture and implementation capabilities. This is then supported by regular bi-monthly planning and review sessions to ensure that your organisation achieves the results planned.Change Management – Any Lean Office Journey needs to be carefully facilitated – new tools and techniques are introduced, cultural barriers are removed and new practices implemented. The journey is as much cultural as it is practical. Our change management service is more cost effective than employing an in-house 'Lean" resource and allows you to tap into our specialist experience in Lean Office. Tapping into this service enables us to provide you with accelerated outcomes and the opportunity to leverage many years of experience in different areas of office and administration.
  • Business Management SystemBefore we start talking about Five Fives. I’ll share with you a little story.A company that I used to work for was experiencing 3 core problems. One was that no one could locate the latest documents needed to run the business as there was a lack of document and record control. Another was that processes were not being followed which created quality problems, millions of dollars being written off and an increase in unhappy clients.And the third problem was that management were lurching towards fixing the latest crisis which meant their time was being spent working in the business not on it.So this lead me to developing a Business Management system that would lock in quality, ensured consistent processes were being followed, allowed management to effectively utilise their resources and time and provided a systematic and controlled environment for managing their documents.Imanect’s BMS got the name Five Five’s because it focuses on five core areas of the business. The first area is the business management component which sits at a strategic level, then at the operational level you will see an area for how to brand the business, how to win the client, how to provide quality work and lastly how to collect money and pay the bills.Some of the features of our Five Five’s system are:It is customised to your business.It has been designed to ensure compliance with ISO:9001-2008 and Law 9000.It can be designed to utilise current systems you already have or can be used to bring in a new platform to take your business to the next level.This allows for the cost of the system to meet your budget.As a Business Owner it will allow you to make good business decisions by ensuring you focus your time on the business. It will also help you to maximise the skills and knowledge of your people in a quality way.
  • ConclusionThis concludes my presentation on some of the services provided by Imanect. The three core services discussed today have been Lean Office Principles, Strategic Development and Change Management Services and Imanect’s Business Management System, Five Fives.If you would like to learn more about these services I’d be more than happy to meet with you to discuss how we can help you. I have also brought along with me today a bag of goodies for you to take away and enjoy!
  • So just before we finish, are there any questions.
  • Before you all go, I’ve brought along a little goodies bag for everyone to take and enjoy.
  • Imanect - Services Overview

    1. 1. Imanect Business SolutionsI m anect © 2012 All Right s Reser ved
    2. 2. Introduction 1. Lean Office Principles 2. Strategic Development & Change Management Services 3. Business Management SystemI m anect © 2012 All Right s Reser ved
    3. 3. Lean Office Principles Before After Endorsed Courses Available 1. Practitioner - Certificate III in Competitive Systems and Practices 2. Facilitator - Certificate IV in Competitive Systems and Practices 3. Master - Diploma of Competitive Systems and Practices Government subsidies may be available (up to $4,000 per employee*)I m anect © 2012 All Right s Reser ved
    4. 4. Lean Implementation Strategic Development • Management Support • 2-3 year Lean Roadmap • Bi-monthly meetings Change Management • Culture vs practice • Accelerated outcomesI m anect © 2012 All Right s Reser ved
    5. 5. Five Five’s BMS Benefits 1. Locks in quality 2. Ensures consistent processes 3. Effective use of resources and time 4. Document Management ControlI m anect © 2012 All Right s Reser ved
    6. 6. Conclusion 1. Lean Office Principles 2. Strategic Development & Change Management Services 3. Business Management SystemI m anect © 2012 All Right s Reser ved
    7. 7. Questions & AnswersI m anect © 2012 All Right s Reser ved
    8. 8. Imanect Improvement | Change | Effect m anect © 2012 All Right s Reser ved