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Assignment3 1 minnick


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Assignment3 1 minnick

  1. 1. Comparison of UninsuredPopulation and Minority Populationin CaliforniaLauren Minnick
  2. 2. Uninsured Population Compared toMinority Populations in California• There is an obvious correlation between the two maps depictingthe counties with the largest Black and Hispanic populations.• Several of the counties with the highest percentage minoritypopulations also have a large percentage of the populationuninsured.• The counties with the highest percentage of uninsured persons donot necessarily correspond to counties with a large minoritypopulation.• There is a stronger correlation between the uninsured map and themap of the Hispanic population, than there is between theuninsured map and the map of the Black population.• Due to the lack of a strong correlation between uninsured andminority populations, it would be useful to look at additionalfactors, such as the employment rate.