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Assignment2 2 laurenminnick


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Assignment2 2 laurenminnick

  1. 1. Comparison of Male Lung CancerMortality Rates in Kentucky2000-2004Lauren MinnickIntro to Public Health GIS
  2. 2. Kentucky Counties with Lung Cancer Mortality Rates > 150, Black Males, 2000-2004
  3. 3. Kentucky Counties with Lung Cancer Mortality Rates > 150, White Males, 2000-2004
  4. 4. Kentucky Counties with the Top 5 Highest Male Deaths Due to Lung Cancer, 2000-2004
  5. 5. Comparison of Male Mortality Rates and Overall Number of Deaths inKentucky, 2000-2004
  6. 6. Conclusion• Black males have a higher mortality rateoverall.• The overall incidence of death is highest in thecounties containing major cities.• Gallatin and Knox counties both havemortality rates over 150 for black and whitemales.