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Assignment1 2 elizabethminnick (1)


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Assignment1 2 elizabethminnick (1)

  1. 1. Insurance  Coverage  as  it  Relates  to  Median  Household  Income  Lauren  Minnick  
  2. 2. Insurance  Coverage  and  Median  Household  Income  -­‐The  following  slides  contain  maps  showing  the  percentage  of  people  with  insurance  coverage  in  the  US  and  the  Median  Household  Income  in  the  US,  first  by  county  and  then  by  state.      -­‐When  comparing  the  maps  sorted  by  county  some  similariDes  are  apparent:  The  pockets  of  Very  Low  or  Low  insurance  coverage  in  Florida,  Texas,  as  well  as  the  smaller  pockets  in  Colorado  and  Montana  correspond  to  areas  of  Lower  Income  ($36,000-­‐$70,000).    -­‐The  areas  of  High  to  Very  High  insurance  coverage  in  Michigan,  Wisconsin,  and  the  Northeast  also  correspond  to  higher  income  areas  ($41,000-­‐72,519).    
  3. 3. People  with  Health  Insurance  by  County,  2005  
  4. 4. Median  Household  Income  by  County,  2010  
  5. 5. People  with  Health  Insurance  by  State,  2005  
  6. 6. Median  Household  Income  by  State,  2010  
  7. 7. Conclusion  -­‐While  it  is  possible  to  see  a  correlaDon  between  median  household  income  and  insurance  coverage  when  comparing  the  maps  that  display  the  data  by  county,  the  apparent  correlaDons  disappear  when  the  data  is  organized  by  state.  When  organized  by  state  the  map  of  insurance  coverage  shows  an  enDrely  different  configuraDon  than  the  map  displaying  median  household  income.        -­‐It  also  bears  noDng  that  the  data  sets  used  for  the  maps  are  from  2005  (Health  Insurance)  and  2010  (Median  Household  Income).  While  median  household  income  has  remained  relaDvely  flat  in  the  last  five  years,  I  would  speculate  that  insurance  coverage  has  probably  decreased  overall  due  to  rising  unemployment  in  the  interim  period.