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Idea concepts

  1. 1. Initial idea concept one Daydream (Cody Simpson – On my mind) Narrative Summary: The concept of the video is a girl who has a huge crush on a guy she has known for ages. She is invisible to him therefore he has no idea of her feelings. The pair are in the same class at school, he’s the popular jock whereas she sits in the back quietly. When the song reaches 55 seconds the girl is jumped into a daydream, as her eyes close they reopen in a new surrounding. Her she is on a search for her crush throughout a fairytale setting, following signs and notes to finally meet him at the end of the trail, here he serenades her but suddenly she is woken up by something in reality. Instead of him being prince charming, she embarrasses herself by waking up back in the middle of class, being stared at in front of everyone. The fairytale setting is based upon Taylor Swift – Love Story
  2. 2. Initial idea concept two Best Friend(Cody Simpson – On my mind) Narrative Summary: The concept of the video is a boy who is a stereotypical ‘nerd’ in love with a girl who is known as the popular one, above all his expectations and standards. His aim is to get her to notice him, trying several tasks, anything put in his path in order for this to happen. Eventually she notices his attempts but feels like she has to reject him harshly in front of the group of friends she has, once she is alone she takes a different approach towards him and go to tell him her real feelings. By this time he has already given up and found another genuine girl to spend his time with therefore the popular lost out, this is her fault never the less for being so hard to begin with and not telling the truth. Within this narrative I wanted to show that honesty is always the best policy however incorporated humour at the same time.
  3. 3. Initial idea concept three Which to choose? (Cody Simpson – On my mind) Narrative Summary: The concept of the video is a battle for a the male icon within the video. A good looking, smart, intelligent boy staring as a main role in the video has a girlfriend that treats him horribly, he is only with her because of the reputation they have as being the ‘couple to be’. The antagonist is the girlfriend he already has however the protagonist is a girl who is a stereotypical ‘hippie’; she is used to being an outcast within her community of people her age nevertheless she has always liked the guy and is good friends with him, she hates the fact his girlfriends treats him so badly therefore tries to jump into the couple. The battle then begins as she ‘can’t get [him] off [her] mind.’ The protagonist eventually ends up with the boy whilst the antagonistic girls gets what she deserves.
  4. 4. Editing and Cinematography Inspirations