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Concept re make


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media concept

Published in: Education
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Concept re make

  2. 2. SECTION 1 • Ellie is going to awaken in her bedroom imagining Jamie is laid beside her facing her, realisation hits and she closes her eyes and re opens them (black cut ins, in the video). On opening her eyes he is not there, shaking her head in disbelief at her dream she sits up in her bed. • ‘I'm sleeping through the day I'm trying not to fade But every single night I've just been lying awake Cause I, I can't get you off my mind’ • Ellie after confirming to herself it was just a dream then goes and sits at her desk and pulls out her love scrapbook of Jamie from her draw. Her love interest is unaware of who Ellie is as a character (Lily Tomlin), a fellow student at his school. Ellie’s imagination comes to life through the scrapbook showing videos of what she realistically wants from her and Jamie’s relationship. Black and white images will represent the photos in real life, the colours images will represent what she wants in her head. • The movies play individually until she closes the book. The image is cut to black.
  3. 3. SECTION 2 • The video then cuts to Ellie in the school hallway. The audience through a selection of cuts will be shown both Ellie and Jamie travelling through the same building. Due to previous theorists and understandings of fairytales and romantic films we know that there will be some sort of collision of the two characters for it to have some excitement and action. • The two collide in the school corridor and Ellies paper flys through the air. Jamie is shown to carry on walking past Ellie even when she drops to the floor to pick up her papers. • Ellie then looks up and sees Jamie handing her one of her fallen pieces of work. She is shocked, surprised but smiles sweetly in disbelief that he knows who she is, and he is helping her. She closes her eyes as she blushes at his gesture. • She falls back into her imagination.
  4. 4. SECTION 3 – THE DAYDREAM • Ellie opens her eyes in a new location. Looking round bewildered she is in a castle grounds, a fairy-tale in reality. The video now in colour shows again what she is thinking of when Jamie is around. Ellie after looking around at her surroundings finds a note in the grounds telling her to follow the string. This is what is going to connect her dreams to reality. • As Ellie follows the string as requested she goes along a journey through forests, past lakes and finally to her final destination; a miniature castle remain with Jamie waiting for her. As Ellie is on her journey we see Jamie sing to the camera about Ellie, this is continuing to be what she is thinking of. • As Ellie turns the corner and the couple see one another, there is a running scene where the pair meet in the middle. A collage of cuts will be arranged here of the pair stood together, holding one another, holding hands and a final look at one another before a cut is put in place.
  5. 5. THE ENDING • The ending features a connection to the dream as well as reality. Elle opens her eyes after her thoughts through the castle and is surprised Jamie is still there, she looks embarrassed as she awakens. • Jamie goes into his back pocket and pulls out a piece of folded paper, the paper has string handing out of the bottom. • Elle uses the string to open the paper and on it is a picture of her that Jamie has created himself. The audience are now aware that he has similar feelings after all of this and the video ends with the realisation of this to complete the narrative.