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Question 2

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 2 How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary text?
  2. 2. | My Ancillary Texts - Digipak consisting of two disks, one regular and one deluxe video edition, a front cover with two insert covers and a tracklist. - Promotion poster for the ancillary text (album).
  3. 3. A2 MEDIA MUSIC VIDEO CODYSIMPSONONMYMIND–OWNOVERLAYRECORDING My A2 music video recognises the ideology in the teenage society when romantic feelings are introduced. The video is a split between reality and imagination, imagination of the love interest when in reality he doesn’t know who she is. Once the narrative develops the dream in the imagination becomes the reality and the love interest shows his feelings also. This is shown predominantly through the colour schemes of the videos.
  4. 4. Effectiveor Not Effective? I feel that my ancillary is the strongest part of my A2 media promotional package due to that being in my comfort zone. I am a graphic design and photography student as well as media which I play to my strengths. Having the advantage of being able to recognise the technical aspects of art based media I felt I wanted to express this and the things I love best all at the same time. This is when I came up with the idea to draw and use photography to create a final piece for my media product. I used Photoshop CS6, Adobe Fireworks as well as Canon DSLR 500D and a Canon Scanner/Printer/Copier to create my final piece. I wanted to show the feelings that I was representing in my music video, the imagination of my actress through my ancillary texts also. This was so that I had continuity and a flow of a theme throughout my media pieces. Main things I had to consider whilst creating all three products were; • A colour theme. • Style of presentation. • Idea of thought. • Tracklist to include. • An artist name and album title. • What music label I am going to use for my project. • That my actress was the main feature for all my texts, inclusive to the boy featuring in the video as the second voice and love interest. • What types media to use in my work. My mise en scene and shots of my video.
  5. 5. Peer Feedback – Howeffectivedoyou findallthreeofmyproducts onceputtogether? Holly Huzzard – 18 Years of Age All three products link together perfectly, by the use of the light colours, this also reflecting back to your chosen genre conventions. All the images used also have a similar theme to them allowing you to link the products together easily. Luke Berry Dagnal – 18 Years of Age Poster works well with music video. The mask in the ancillary text however I didn’t find a link with the music video. Jake Stone – 18 Years of Age They all link with each other via the use of image, costume and colour scheme. I also think the mask links to the narrative in the music video and this is clear to the audience. Anonymous Female – 17 Years of Age The products link well with the music video as they all feature elements of the same narrative. The colour scheme matches and the details of the drawings relates well to the video.