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Published in: Spiritual, Business
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  1. 1. Pitch.The title of the film will be......and will be done in a unique design.The title sequence is going to be based on the last victim, which usuallyinvolves one or more killing people of a certain group off one by one. Our lastvictim sequence will be based on revenge one girl repaying the others for themisdeeds that lead to her suicide. This film will depict a youth being mentallyand physically tortured to the brink of insanity by a group. They let he go afterthey are bored only to realise that they will tell. What they don’t know is thatthe youth has committed suicide. They then return as a vengeful ghost withonly one thing on their mind revenge. Only when they have killed everyone inthe group will the spirit be at rest. The opening sequence starts with a shot ofthe youth in a familiar place to them i.e. their bedroom. You will be able toclearly see that they have been tortured due to the blood and bruises. Alongwith the fact that they are a spirit due to the pale complexion and whiteclothes. They will have one of two expressions either a look that promisespain or a look of deep sadness. The lighting will be quite dark to help set thetone of the film, the sound will be a track that will later be embedded on thesequence along with laboured breathing belonging to one of the victims. Thenext shot will be a series of fast transitions showing the victims lying dead andperhaps a sort of before and after picture. There will be a high angle showingone of the group in the corner of their room rocking backwards and forwardswith a look of terror on their face, jumping at every tiny noise. There will be aflash back showing her running away and a short close up followed a zoomout when the youth is being tortured to show emotions and make it really hithome what’s happening. During that clip you will hear the tortures speak,mainly derogatory remarks. Then a fade away to the youth committingsuicide. The final shot will be of the youth slowly fading away with, during thisits bruises and blood will start to heal to show that they are at peace and gaina devilish smile, not that there dead as well there on equal footing. In thebackground you will see the group in chains looking like they have been cut toribbons with chains binding them to the youth. The final sound will be achuckle; the screen goes black and then a scream of terror.Possible Includes: A short funeral shot for the youth showing that the tortures arent sorry - could be what enrages the spirit. Shows how they torture her - beat, burn (brand), terrify Shows her revenge for each group member. Shows them becoming shocked and in denial shes alive. Instead of music use voice over of the ghost telling them their thoughts and feeling and why they feel the need for revenge.Additional Information: Thought out the opening sequence credits will be shown, showing who had what part in the creating of the film, in letter that befit its horror genre. The cast will be teens as thats what the audience is therefore by using teens in the sequence they can relate easier.
  2. 2. The locations will be fairly simple as it fits the plot. No filming will be done at night rather is a night shot is needed the lighting during editing will be changed accordingly.The name of the production company is Smiley Productions and Bloody Helland will be created by the group members..