Internship panel 2013


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Internship panel 2013

  1. 1. WELCOME TO UNT PRSSA! Sept. 16, 2013
  2. 2. CURRENT EVENTS  What’s happening in the world today?  Putin  Miss America  Navy Yard Shooting
  3. 3. ANNOUNCEMENTS • DUES DEADLINE: Oct. 14 • Submit dues to Kenneth Martin, VP of Finances • Only $80 per calendar year- Great investment for aspiring PR pros (cash or check accepted) • Awesome T-Shirt! • Access to internship and contact database • Opportunities for events and helpful conferences. • Scholarship and award opportunities! • Leadership opportunities
  4. 4. INTERN PANEL Sept. 16, 2013 Jeremy Eackles Regina Fischer Lauren Frock Jenna Ooley Marilyn Perkins
  5. 5. JEREMY EACKLES  UNT PRSSA second-year member  Social media director for NAHJ  Follow him on Twitter: @JEackles09
  6. 6. TOM JOYNER FOUNDATION  Public Relations/ Nonprofit Internship  Mission: Help historically black colleges and universities with funding and preservation  Irving, TX  Summer Internship
  7. 7. HOW’D I GET THE JOB?  Networking!  Sent my resume in, got called in for an interview and then later received the called they I got the internship 
  8. 8. WHAT’D I DO THIS SUMMER?  Social media and marketing tasks  Represent Tom Joyner Foundation at events for alumni organizations and scheduled other events  Marketing for the Tom Joyner Morning Show, which is one of the top syndicated radio shows in the country
  9. 9. WHAT DID I LEARN?  Proper business etiquette  The importance of marketing/PR  The importance of networking and keeping your contacts once you leave your internship
  10. 10. SO YOU WANT TO DO THIS INTERNSHIP?  Be confident  Show respect  Show that you're willing to learn  Work hard and ask questions  Watch what you put on your personal social media sites (Employers actually look at that when deciding what employees to hire. My boss told me that.)
  11. 11. REGINA FISCHER  VP of Records for UNT PRSSA  Senior Public Relations major at UNT  Follow her on Twitter: @ReginaPolska
  12. 12. INVERSA/ BECK VENTURES  Marketing/SEO Internship  Addison, Texas  Summer 2013
  13. 13. HOW’D I GET THE JOB?  UNT Job Bank
  14. 14. WHAT’D I DO ALL SUMMER?  I increased Search Engine Optimization for companies using Google Analytics  Strengthened my writing skills.
  15. 15. WHAT DID I LEARN?  Marketing online through being no. 1 for search engine results is a growing and competitive field.
  16. 16. SO YOU WANT TO DO THIS INTERNSHIP?  It is very fun.  Increasing SEOs is like trying to put the pieces of a puzzle together.  You will need to research a company's market in order to write blog posts for them as well.
  17. 17. LAUREN FROCK  President of UNT PRSSA  Senior Public Relations major at UNT  Follow her on Twitter: @frockl
  18. 18. EDELMAN PUBLIC RELATIONS  Public Relations/ Digital/ Social Media Internship  Agency environment  Global- 67 offices internationally  12-week Summer Internship
  19. 19. HOW’D I GET THE JOB?  PRSSA Pro-Am Day  Journalism Internship Fair  Thank You Notes
  20. 20. WHAT’D I DO ALL SUMMER?  Wrote social media content for many different clients:  Tech  Gaming  Nonprofit  Business/Corporate  Analyze social media data and compile reports  Intern research project
  21. 21. WHAT DID I LEARN?  Radian6 and analytics, among others.  How to create compelling content  Ex: Instead of tweeting a title of an article, make it conversational.  Time management- agency life is hectic!  How to conduct client meetings  NEVER say “I don’t know”
  22. 22. SO YOU WANT TO DO THIS INTERNSHIP?  Be able to meet simultaneous deadlines  Be confident  Regularly update and maintain your portfolio.  For social media, take screenshots of your tweets and keep track of how many new followers/likes you earn.  Be versatile: learn how to write content for clients in different industries.
  23. 23. JENNA OOLEY  VP of Public Relations for UNT PRSSA  Senior Public Relations Major  Follow her on Twitter: @jenooley
  24. 24. MOOYAH  Marketing/Corporate Internship  MOOYAH is a fast casual, better burger concept geared towards families – especially moms and kids.  There are 54 stores open, 1 in Dubai with more to come in Latin America, Canada as well as here in the states.
  25. 25. HOW’D I GET THE JOB?  Aaron White  MOOYAH’s first franchisee and owner of three high-performing MOOYAH franchises in the DFW area.  UNT Career Fair  By working hard and building relationships, I scored an awesome internship.
  26. 26. HOW’D I GET THE JOB?  Being in good academic standing and active in student organizations made my resume shine. Confidence is key – know your value!  I’ve been able to attend conferences which are spectacular networking opportunities.  I’ve learned the structure of a franchise system inside and out, and continue to learn everyday.  Client side vs. agency side is kinda cool because you’re the one telling them what to do instead of being told!
  27. 27. WHAT’D I DO ALL SUMMER?  Planned events with one of our partners, Foundation 56.  Created presentations for the CEO, Development Agents and other corporate staff.  Sat in on focus groups, mined data  Given presentations about competitive research I conducted  Continue to track competitive social media  Office decoration project!
  28. 28. WHAT DID I LEARN?  E-mail etiquette (how to be professional, polite, concise and effective); you’ll be writing a LOT of e-mails, and chances are you could be doing it better.  Managing up is important too!  Taking work seriously, not myself – presentation skills (it used to be scary for me to get up and speak, now I can more easily relax and do much better!)  Organization and TIME MANAGEMENT (two things I thought I had a pretty good handle on until this internship!)
  29. 29. SO YOU WANT TO DO THIS INTERNSHIP?  Corporate life has a bad rep for being mundane – make it fun, make it interesting  A small brand like MOOYAH is a family – not without it’s issues and chaos, but so rewarding and worth it  You can get away with a lot more in an internship – don’t be afraid to mess up! You will, and you’ll learn  If you can learn some badass Excel shortcuts, people will love you
  30. 30. MARILYN PERKINS  Vice President for UNT PRSSA  Junior Public Relations Major  Follow her on Twitter: @marilynmarie93
  31. 31. UNIVERSITY DIRECTORIES  Marketing/Advertising Internship  Nationwide  13-week Summer Internship
  32. 32. HOW’D I GET THE JOB?  EAGLENETWORK!  UNT’s student job/internship online resource
  33. 33. WHAT’D I DO ALL SUMMER?  Collected ad space for UNT’s student planner  Met with local Denton businesses and sold them on the idea that they NEEDED to be in our planner
  34. 34. WHAT DID I LEARN?  How to sell yourself  Persistence  Don’t take no for an answer
  35. 35. SO YOU WANT TO DO THIS INTERNSHIP?  It’s SUPER hard, but worth it  Takes a lot of time and energy, but you gain A LOT of real world experience  Don’t do it unless you’re REALLY passionate about Marketing/Advertising
  36. 36. QUESTIONS?
  37. 37. THANK YOU!  Here at UNT PRSSA we strive to help you accomplish your goals. Fee free to email us at if you need help with your:  Resume  Portfolio  Interview tips  Internship/ job search