Channelview isd case study rules and regulations


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  • According to Campus Improvement Plan-66% Hispanic, 16% Caucasian, 16% African-American and less than 2% Asian. Approx. 72% of students are eligible for free and/or reduced lunch.
  • We utilize funds to pay for Math specialist, in-school tutorials and pull-out programs. We also, utilize our funds for the effective use of technology in the classroom. We have incorporated documents cameras, projectors, and high-tech calculators for math. In Science and Special Education classes, we have implemented laptops and technology software to help assist in those two areas. Also, Smart boards, video streaming, and student clickers have been introduced to help facilitate the learning in those particulars areas that we feel will benefits the most (math, science & English). We have provided our teachers with additional professional development training to help assist with teaching at-risk, LEP and multi-cultural students.
  • The best way to ensure success of a student is to stay in contact with their family.
  • Channelview isd case study rules and regulations

    1. 1. By: Oscar MadrigalLauren Fowler-Carter Alan Smith
    2. 2. Success is not final, failure isnot fatal: it is the courage tocontinue that counts. Winston Churchill
    3. 3. Channelview High School is located in Channelview, TX—anunincorporated community of approximately 30,000 people locatedeast of Houston. We are part of a petrochemical area that has madeHarris County and the surrounding Houston area a wealthy part ofTexas.
    4. 4. Channelview High School is ethnically mixed, diverse campusthat consists of a melting pot of Hispanic, White and African-American students. There are 233 LEP students and 278students with special needs with a total student population of2250 students.
    5. 5. According to datacollected, Channelview HighSchool has various instructionalneeds. Their ELA & Social StudiesTAKS results are high among alleconomic groups;however, improvement is neededon Math & Science, especially inthe African-American group.
    6. 6. Other areas that need improvement? • Commended Rates • Parent Involvement
    7. 7. • Professional development for teachers • Student tutorials and funding of Math specialists positions • Pull out programs• Technology in the classroom (document cameras, projectors, laptops)
    8. 8. • Offer information in a multitude of formats • Increase teacher- parent communication via emails and phone calls • Involve parents on campus planning
    9. 9. Implementation• We decided after integrating the different interventions and strategies that we needed to develop Curriculum Based Assessment tests (CBAs). After developing the CBAs that were aligned with the curriculum we needed to implement a system or instrument that would allow us to disaggregate the data quickly.
    10. 10. Introduce: AWARE• AWARE is a software program that scans the CBA and automatically downloads the information into the computer and breaks down the information based on certain criteria selected (different populations on campus like ESL or LEP, etc).
    11. 11. We also utilize Forethought for ourteachers. It allows teachers toinput their scope and sequenceand to design and enlist differentlesson plans so one or moreteachers can access their lessonsif they choose.
    12. 12. Finally…• Once a teacher has inputted their information into AWARE and the software has disaggregated the data, each administrator meets with the his/her department to review the data.
    13. 13. • If everything seems to be working, then institutionalization of the strategies will take place.• If something needs to be changed, then we collaborate on an appropriate solution and move forward to ensure we are providing the best education to our students.
    14. 14. We had to implement rules andregulations that would ensure wewere reaching the benefit of thetechnologies of AWARE andForethought.
    15. 15. Chain of CommandWe decided to implement a chain of commandfor rules and regulations: Teacher uploads data into AWARE and Forethought Teacher will share information with department chair Department chair, along with members of the department, will present to assistant principal of their discipline Assistant principal and department chair will present to principal Principal will present to Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum
    16. 16. /CHS.pdf
    17. 17.