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  1. 1. These results show that “The Notebook” and “P.S I love you” are the two most popularromance films. This shows me that people tend to enjoy more classical love films, ones thattend to be “tear jerkers”. This tells me that I should try and make my love film trailer moreclassical in order to attract my audience.
  2. 2. These results show me that people prefer trailers without an over voice, this sways to me toexclude any potential over voices as it isn’t a popular idea, however if I feel that my trailermay work better with an over voice I will include one.
  3. 3. The conclusion drawn from these results is that dialogue isimportant in a trailer, this mean that I will include dialogue in mytrailer as it will appeal to an audience.
  4. 4. Estranged lovers being reunited is the most popularlove type, best friend’s love came a close second, thisis good as my film is about both these types of love.
  5. 5. These results show me that a College is the most popular place for a romance filmto take place, this also infers that the majority of my audience will be 16-19 yearolds as this setting would most appeal to that age. However a work place is also apopular choice, which suggest that I may also attract an older audience. Thismeans I will have to ensure that my trailer appeals to a wide range of ages.
  6. 6. Out of the 50 people I asked the ideal length of a trailer is2:01-3:00 minutes long, this is the length that I will aim for as Idon’t wish to bore my audience or give away too much of myplot as this wouldn’t attract an audience to watch the rest ofmy film if I was to make it.
  7. 7. Sealed with a kiss was the most popular title, sothis is the one that I will use for my film title.