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Cilt cymru

  1. 1. British Council OpportunitiesLauren Donovan and Jonathan ThomasBritish Council Wales
  2. 2. Today’s aims: Find out what eTwinning is all about Project ideas – Kits and examples Register or refine your eTwinning Profile Start contacting teachers from across Europe Discover other British Council opportunities
  3. 3. The Community for Schools in Europe Facilitate collaboration between teachers in different countries in Europe Collaborative curriculum projects Sharing best practice Professional development
  4. 4. What eTwinning offers: Free resources Safe online environment No application form or lengthy admin process Could be your 1st step or could enhance an existing link Real context for learning and application of ICT
  5. 5. Facts and Figures:32 European Countries; over 180,000European teachers; over 14,000 UKteachers
  6. 6. Public Pages: project ideas and resources Desktop: personal profile, partner-finding tool, project registration Twinspace: Your project’s own virtual classroom with communication tools and a place to share your work for your project
  7. 7. Search for otherteachers from allover Europe
  8. 8. Let’s search for…. A school in Spain Who would like to do “cross-curricular” project Age group, 4-11Click enter and the results are….
  9. 9. Top Tip!Check yournotifications and subscribe
  10. 10. Any Questions?
  11. 11. Any questions?.
  12. 12. Quality Labels – Project Requirements1. The project must have common goals and a shared plan.2. It must be finished or in its last stages.3. The applying teacher must have made significant contributions to the project.4. A certain degree of collaboration must appear. The minimum to be considered is using and reacting to partners’ materials.5. Project results must be visible.
  13. 13. Quality Labels – CriteriaThe Criteria Indicators of a good projectPedagogical Innovation Creativity: Pedagogical and methodological aspects ofand Creativity the project are original. Innovation: The project has meant new ways of teaching and learning for the students and teachers involved,Curricular Integration The project is integrated in ordinary lesson plansUse of Technology ICT tools used are appropriate according to the activities and goals.Sustainability and Sustainability in the school: the project is not an isolatedTransferability event but has become an integral part of the activities and the educational objectives of the school Transferability: aspects of the project can serve as a model for other teachers and an example of good practice.Results and Benefits The extent of effects of the project results, including dissemination outside the school. Educational and pedagogical relevance of results and benefits.
  14. 14. Quality Labels
  15. 15. Any questions?.
  16. 16. Professional Development Online Training Webinars Workshops Conferences European partner finding events Awards and recognition events.htm
  17. 17. eTwinning Webinars Register: events.htm
  18. 18. Support– Your local eTwinning officer based in Cardiff– General enquiriesOn the web – – UK site www.etwinninguk.typepad – eTwinning UK Blog – Follow us on Twitter
  19. 19. British Council OpportunitiesLink Classrooms OnlineProfessional Development Courses & JobShadowingInternational School PartnershipsWork Overseas
  20. 20. Working OnlineBritish Council Schools Online
  21. 21. Schools OnlineWorldwide coverageOnline Collaboration areaInternational School AwardBritish Council information centre
  22. 22. Comenius In-Service Training Courses, Seminars & Conferences Job Shadowing Fully Funded – up to €3,000
  23. 23. EU FocussedStaff and pupilmobility2 year projectsJoint CurriculumfocusLanguageDevelopment Connecting Classrooms
  24. 24. Online)