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Chobani Marketing Plan


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Marketing plan presentation for MBA coursework.

Published in: Business
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Chobani Marketing Plan

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION• Chobani makes Greek yogurt• We would like to introduce a new product: frozen Greek yogurt• Target market: Spain, in particular Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, and Malaga• Individually packaged for sale at grocery stores, convenience shops, and roadside snack stands
  3. 3. CULTURAL ANALYSIS• Spain is a southern European country which is known for its sunny and warm weather• Total population of about 47 million• About 45 million tourists per year• Languages we will be using: Castilian, Catalan• Religion: Roman Catholic; no dietary restrictions for yogurt products• Spain is in a recession and unemployment is high
  4. 4. COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS• There are frozen yogurt sellers but few Greek yogurt brands• We plan to compete on the basis of lower price as well• Ice cream market size in 2010: $1,973 million• Yogurt market size in 2010: $2710 million• Danone has 60% market share, Ben and Jerry’s is popular as well and they have frozen Greek yogurt
  5. 5. TARGET MARKET• Madrid and Barcelona on basis of population and tourism, additionally Sevilla and Malaga on basis of tourism• Marketed to children and adults; regardless of race, gender, religion, ethnicity• Different size and packaging for kids• We will target Spanish residents as well as tourists
  6. 6. PRODUCT STRATEGY AND OBJECTIVES• Unique product with health benefits• Support service through advertising agency, distribution agent• “Cheerful” minimalist packaging aesthetic• Market share goal: 2% niche market, then move into segment
  7. 7. PROMOTION STRATEGY• Advertising: media mix of “new” media, billboards, radio, and TV• Presence in tourism brochures• We plan to utilize free samples in stores and at snack stands, banners, and even concerts to generate excitement• We would like to give samples to airlines that fly to Spain as well
  8. 8. DISTRIBUTION STRATEGY• We plan to manufacture near Madrid• Distribution agent, at least until we build connections with large and small retailers• Will need to use cold-chain• JIT in order to keep factory and warehouse needs to a minimum
  9. 9. PRICING AND BUDGET• We are competing partly on a price strategy, so we would like to keep individual serving price at 2 euro or below• Anticipate high costs due to advertising push• With time, less advertising expense and expanded manufacturing functions• Plan to use distribution agent initially but then do our own distribution if it’s profitable
  10. 10. POTENTIAL PROBLEMS• Logistics of sourcing milk and flavor inputs• Finding a reliable, effective, affordable distribution agent• We plan to manufacture the product in Spain which requires a more significant FDI commitment• General economic slump
  11. 11. CONCLUSION• We believe Chobani Frozen Greek Yogurt is an exciting and innovative product• Healthy alternative to ice cream• Great for residents and tourists• Appropriate for children and adults• We hope to gain momentum in the Spanish market and expand into the rest of Europe
  12. 12. Q&A