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Restaurant Profitability 101: Bank Reconciliations


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Bank reconciliations are easily one of the most important processes in maintaining a check and balance on your restaurant's overall health. Reconciliations ensure accuracy in your financial statements and can reveal the need for additional training and education within your team. Most importantly, however, is that bank reconciliations can prevent major theft issues... are you ahead of the game by consistently reconciling your restaurant's bank accounts?

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Restaurant Profitability 101: Bank Reconciliations

  1. 1. RSI BANK RECONCILIATION DO I UNDERSTAND WHAT A BANK RECONCILIATION (BANK REC) IS? YES NO Do I WANT to know what a bank reconciliation is? Is my bank reconciliation process tied to my financial statements? YES NO YES NO Maybe operating a restaurant isn’t for me YES NO Am I able to capitalize on those areas of opportunity to improve the accuracy of my financial statements? YES NO YES NO Would I benefit from a team to perform bank recs to aid the overall security and performance of my financial operations? YES NO CONGRATS! $$$ IN THE BANK!! If I were able to isolate opportunities to improve my financial record-keeping performance, do I think this would contribute to improving my bottom line? RSI's Bank Reconciliation Team is committed to providing our clients with accurate financial information to aid in the overall security and performance of their financial operations. We consider it our mission to provide our clients with bank reconciliation information in a timely, accurate, and user- friendly manner. Can I currently identify any transactions that are not posted or posted improperly in my accounting system? I got it! I need RSI’s Bank Rec Team to ensure that funds reported in my books are consistent with the amount shown in the banks’ records, helping me to properly manage my cash! Neither accurate financials nor financial security are important to me… I prefer to live life on the wild side when it comes to my business.