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Audience Feedback


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Published in: Education
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Audience Feedback

  1. 1. Audience FeedbackDocumentary
  2. 2. Would you continue to watch the rest of the documentary after viewing the first 5 minutes? Using various ways to gather audiencefeedback I asked 10 people if they would continue to watch the rest of the documentary, 100% of people answered that they would continue to watch thedocumentary. Reasons given to why they would continue to watch the rest of my documentary included it being an interesting topic, it looked like aprofessional documentary and it was easy to follow and understand.
  3. 3. Do you think this documentary is similar to professionaldocumentary of a similar genre? 10 8 6 4 2 0 Yes No Sometimes Out of the 10 people I asked to give feedback about mydocumentary, 9 people answered that it did look like a professionaldocumentary and seemed like something that might have been on the television. Only 1 person said that it sometime seemed like a professional documentary, at other times it didn’t. One reason towhy it didn’t was because a couple of cutaways were shaky when panning down the tattoos.
  4. 4. Does the camera work andediting make the documentary look professional?Out of the 10 people that were asked, 9 peoplesaid that the camera work and editing did make the documentary look professional. People found the documentary interesting and said it felt like a documentary that would be aired onTV. They commented that the camera angles of each interview showed the interviewee well, with interesting mise-en-scene. This suggests that we followed the codes and conventions well and engaged the audience through our camera work and editing.
  5. 5. Does the voice over make sense and fit with the genre of the documentary? 8 people agreed that the voiceover fit with the genre and made sense. They commented on it being clear and concise saying it explains what the documentary is to a high standard. However 2 people said the voiceover didn’t fit as well as it could saying that some parts seemed too scripted rather than giving a conversational feel to the documentary.
  6. 6. Does the music fit with the genre of the documentary?100% of people answered that the music fit with the genre of the documentary perfectly. The rock genre of the song is stereotypically associated with tattoo’s and is a well known song drawing the audience in.
  7. 7. What would you say the strengths and weaknesses are of the documentary? Strengths10 8 6 4 2 0 Intriguing Interviews Cutaways Editing Camera Voiceover Work The most common strength given was our interviews, ouraudience said that there was a wide variety with interesting mise- en-scene making the documentary intriguing. The cutaways weused where appropriate and enforced what was being said in the interviews.
  8. 8. What would you say the strengths and weaknesses are of the documentary? 5 Weaknesses 4 3 2 1 0 Music Cutaways Voiceover The majority of people answering the questions said they couldn’tthink of any weakness to the documentary. However others agreed that at some points in the documentary the music acted as aweakness as it was a little quite and brief a certain parts, suggesting that maybe we could extend certain sections more. They said that some cutaways were slightly shaky and now and again the voice over didn’t seem to fit as it didn’t seem as conversational as the codes and conventions would suggest.
  9. 9. Would you change anything about the documentary? 1 No Yes 9 When asked if they would change anything about thedocumentary, 90% of people said they would leave it how it was, this suggests that we successfully followed all the codes and conventions of professional documentary andmade the documentary fit the needs of the target audience. The only thing given as an improvement to thedocumentary was to make the voiceover a little more chatty and not seem as though it was just being read.
  10. 10. Audience FeedbackNewspaper Advert
  11. 11. Is the print advert eye catching? Out of the 10 people asked, 100% ofpeople agreed that the print advert was eye catching commenting on how striking the main image on the advert was saying that it interested them making them want to find out more about the documentary.
  12. 12. Does the print advert persuade you to want to watch the documentary? 2 Yes No 8 80% of people said that it does persuade them to watch the documentary, reasons given included that it engages people interested in body art, saying the image wasintriguing and made them want to find out more about the documentary and why people do and don’t like tattoos. 20% of people said that it didn’t persuade them saying that they would like to have found out more about the documentary before watching it.
  13. 13. Does the main image and sloganrelate to the documentary topic? 9 out of the 10 people asked said that the main image and slogan related to thedocumentary topic, saying that it had several meanings getting the audience’s mind wondering commenting on how it looks professional.
  14. 14. Would you change anything about the print advert? 6 4 2 0 Move Logo Brighter Colours Move Slogan Nothing 5 people asked said that they wouldn’t change anything about the print advert, however 5 people said that they would make slight changes to the print advert to attract the audiences attention moresuch as use a brighter green and make the channel 4 logo larger tograb the audiences attention. They also commented on moving the slogan up to create more of a gap at the bottom of the advertisement to follow the codes and conventions of a channel 4 advert more.
  15. 15. Audience FeedbackRadio Trailer
  16. 16. After listening to the radio trailer would you watch the documentary? 90% of people said that they would definitely watch the documentary after listening to the radio trailer commenting that they werewondering what the people were talking about in the short clips from the vox pop and the documentary itself and that the sound of the needle at the beginning instantly grabbed their attention. 1 person said that they wouldn’t as again they would want more information aboutwhat the documentary is about before watching it.
  17. 17. Is the topic of the documentary clear? Everyone who answered this question agreed that the radio trailer made thetopic of the documentary very clear. They said that the trailer didn’t give too much away only dropping subtle hints which made them want to watch the documentary
  18. 18. Would you change anything about the radio trailer? 10 8 6 4 2 0 Music Voiceover NothingWhen asked if they would change anything about the radio trailer, 2 people said that slight improvementscould be made, one being that the music could havebeen slightly louder throughout the radio trailer. Theother person said that the voiceover at the end could be slightly more spread out.