Questionnaire Results Analysis


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Questionnaire Results Analysis

  1. 1. Questionnaire Results Analysis
  2. 2. Q1. What is your age? 16-20 □ 21-25 □ 26+ □•I have covered the full range of ages within my target audience, which is good.•This chart shows that the majority of people who filled in my questionnaire were aged 16-20.•This is good because my original target audience for my magazine was 16-25, and the ages of 16-25 are the twohighest on the graph.•Therefore, my target audience does not need to change.
  3. 3. Q2. What is your gender? Male □ Female □ 8 Male 12 Female•This pie chart shows that the majority of the people that filled in my questionnaire.•However, the target audience for my magazine will be for both male and female, in order to have a wider targetaudience.
  4. 4. Q3. What is your favourite genre of music magazine? Pop □ Rock□ Indie □ Dance □ RnB □ Other □•This graph shows that the favourite genre of music magazine amongst the 20 people who filled in thequestionnaires, is Indie.•This is good because I was originally doing an Indie magazine, so therefore I do not have to change the genre ofmy magazine.
  5. 5. Q4. What three words do you associate with Indie?Words that were filled in on the questionnaire were things like:-Guitars-Banjo-Tight Jeans-Long Hair-Individuals-Unique•These words give me an idea of what kind of artist/band needs to be on the front cover of mymagazine, and what images should look like. E.g. the people in them and what they are wearing etc.
  6. 6. Q5. What music magazine(s) do you currently read?All of the magazines mentioned in this question were:-Q-NME-Kerrang-Mojo-Clash-Top of the Pops-We love Pop•The most popular magazines were Q and NME, which is good because they are both Indie magazines.•This will help me when I am making my own magazine because I can base my magazine around them, inthe same style etc.
  7. 7. Q6. When do you buy your magazine? Daily □ Weekly □ Fortnightly □ Monthly □ 0 4 Daily Weekly 2 Fortnightly Monthly 14• The results of this question clearly shows that the majority of the audience buy their magazine(s)monthly.•I originally planned to publish my magazine Weekly, so this means I am going to have to change myoriginal plans and publish my magazine Monthly.
  8. 8. Q7. How much do you think is a reasonable price to pay for a music magazine? £1.50-£2 □ £2-£2.50 □ £2.50-£3 □ £3-£3.50 □ £3.50-£4 □ £4+ □•This graph shows that the audience are willing pay between:-£2.50-£3-£3.50-£4-£4+•Again, this helps me with my research as I originally planned to price my magazine at £2.80. Due to theseresults, there is no need to change it as it fits with the results on the graph.
  9. 9. Q8. What do you most like to read about in music magazines?•This graph shows that the audience of the questionnaire like to read about CDs/Albums/Singles of the weekand Gig Reviews, but prefer to read articles on an artist or band.•Therefore, the contents of my magazine will mainly be: CDs/Albums/Singles of the week, Articles onArtists/Bands and Gig Reviews.
  10. 10. Q9. What do you dislike to read/see in music magazines?The answers that were on the questionnaires were things like:-Adverts-Not enough interviews with artist or band-Too much information (writing) on one page•I will take these answers on board when designing my magazine. These will help me to make a magazinewhich appeals to a wider target audience.•I will balance out the page with pictures and writing, so that there isn’t too much writing.
  11. 11. Q10. Which do you prefer to read about? 4 Local Bands/Artists Famous Bands/Artists 16This graph shows clearly that people prefer to read about famous bands. I will take this intoconsideration when designing my magazine.•I will use the interview with the local band that I carried out, but for the majority of the otherfeatures, they will be famous bands.
  12. 12. Q11. Rank in order of 1-4, which colour scheme you most prefer: (1 being your first choice and 4 being your last choice)The graph shows that the colour scheme which appeals the most to the audience is Red, Black andWhite. This is the colour scheme which I was hoping to use, and so hoped would come out top in thequestionnaire results.•However, my magazine is an Indie magazine, and I think that this colour scheme would best suite a rockmagazine. Therefore, I am going to use the second popular choice: Grey, Black and White.
  13. 13. Q12. Who is your favourite artist or singer?The bands and artists that were put on the questionnaires were:-Florence and the Machine-Coldplay-Foals-Ben Howard-Ed Sheeran-The Smiths-Tinie Tempah-Adele-Maroon 5-Rihanna-Arctic Monkeys-The Vaccines•Therefore, these are the artists and bands that I will be using as the features for my magazine.