Magazine and Poster analysis


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Magazine and Poster analysis

  1. 1. Present within the top banner is information about competitions, the use of the buzz words ‘Exclusive’ within theear piece will attract my targeted demographic. The buzz words will spark interest as it assumes that the contentswithin the magazine are important and secret. The fireworks surrounding the word convey to the audience thatthis is a very exciting opportunity to enter. the price shows how much the magazine is the price generated shouldbe based upon extensive audience research in order to cater to the needs of demographic. BACKGROUND COLOURThe Fangoria mast head is positioned in the middle of the magazine front cover this is conventional offilm magazines. The position makes it easier to see by my demographic it is the central brand nameand the colours red help the font stand out more easily on a shop shelf.The style of this mast head reflects the audience, the audience would be seen as bright and boldindividuals. The bright of the font colours also represent the era of which the ‘video nasties ’ helpedrevolutionise the film industry and society as well the vast number of unregulated content beingpoured into society. This sparked moral panic and the government then stepped into action andcreated the BBFC who regulate films which are distributed to the public. They brand films with agerate certificates. The bold and capital font represents that the magazine is predominately aimed atadults as the conventions for children’s magazines would be different as they are attracting a differentaudience.
  2. 2. The film reel is conventional of the film magazine Pre-modifier of ‘Legendary’ portrays to the audienceFangoria I decided to keep this to make the product that the director of the film is very good and that it ismore authentic . The reel acts as a guide which worth continuing further into magazine and readingpresents more features within the magazine, each the articles. The contrast of yellow on a backgroundimage has a anchorage text which gives some of black really helps the text stand out and can beinformation on the contents of the article. The read more easily , it is consistent with the brandsymbol of the film reel also acts as a sign to the identity of the magazine as it follows the yellow andtargeted demographic to show that this is a film red colour scheme. The names of the directors are amagazine. I also kept the original images again to common of trailers this assumes that the regularmake the magazine more realistic, the images are readers and targeted audience for this type ofvery gory and supernatural these types of images magazine would know the names of the directors.would fit in perfectly the audience would be able toidentify with them more easily and so be attractedmore to the film magazine.
  3. 3. The main image on a film magazine should reflect the audience and what theywould enjoy. They will consist of main characters of a film being featured, thiswill be the unique selling point of the magazine and will attract the targeteddemographic. Sometimes in magazines the characters image will be coveringthe mast head, this translates that the image of that particular celebrity ismore likely to sell the magazine more than the title of the magazine itself.This makes the main image the biggest attraction, images are normally mid-shot giving the face of the contemporary actor/actress more interaction withthe audience.I manipulated the actors eyes and changed them to red, this represents theanger and danger of his actions within the film. I also enhanced the contrastof blood on the knife this helps it to be appreciated better the knife alsoreveals a small content of the film and gives information on what happens. There is the same font which is present on the poster s and also within thetrailer this helps create a brand identity which is reinforced throughout allmedia products. This will help make it easier for my targeted demographic toidentify the magazine amongst other rivals. The anchorage text below themain title introduces what the main feature is about. The bar code is aspecific features which all magazines uphold it differentiates betweenposters and magazine front covers., and gives information about the issue andthe date also websites might be featured.BACKGROUND COLOUR/SEMIOTICS/MISE-EN-SCENE
  4. 4. The bottom banner is conventionally in the middle and covers the front of the magazine front cover. It will alsocontain much more information on what contents is inside. The caption ‘special never seen before features’will attract my targeted demographic as they assume that they are being revealed into a exclusive informationwhich is not available to anyone else, this also acts as an incentive to invest within the magazine.It is also reinforces the brand identity by following through the colour scheme. The arrow containing the word‘inside’ makes it easier for the audience and helps them navigate around the magazine easier.The bottom banner consists of other features that would appeal to my targeted demographic . This wouldinclude other feature films that are of the same genre. The font of the bottom banner is a different font this isvery convention of film magazines the reason for the varied fonts is to separate the amount of attention that isgiven to each story, if the font is bright and bold it will be more attractive to read, smaller more softer fonts willbe recognised less.
  5. 5. On the top of my billboard poster I included information on our production company this is important toreinforce my brand identityI used various effects and filters such as changing the contrast when I added the blue filter it gives a sense ofthe cold ness of the monster. I also darkened his eyebrows to make him look more animalistic to portray moreof his characteristics within the film, this also restricts the focus on the rest of the poster and makes theaudience focus attention on his eyes which are red to show his anger the direct image of his eyes consumesthe majority of the poster this creates a rapport with the audience and engages them more easier thecolour contrast together blue and red.
  6. 6. The top of this poster has the a line from the trailer, quotes from films are a convention of film posters they reinforcescenes that may have been seen in the trailer as an example the line ‘Its all fun and games until someone gets hurt’ isheard being said by the benefactor within the trailer when these elements are reinforced the targeted audience find iteasier to identify with the text.The typography used in this poster is recurrent through all my media products including my magazine this also furtherreinforces the brand identity .In other forms of film posters it is not necessarily important to have quotes from the film but they donormally contain taglines , contain the contemporary stars name or have information relating to the filmwithin itself such as directors these are added to attract the audience. Again if these are present they wouldbe intact with their brand identity.
  7. 7. The main image of my poster is the main character who is the monster within this photo I manipulated the image Idarkened his hair in order to give a more definition to his features. I also added the out of focus effect around hisface , and also added a darkened edge s of the page this helps narrow focus to his face and also the knife, thetypography on the knife are the same contrast to the blood at the bottom of the knife , this again will reinforce theidea of the slasher film genre. The name of film is directly in the middle of the face where the knife is positioned in the centre of the page this attracts the most attention and inflicts the relationship between the text and the character which translates to the audience. The conventional sign of the knife conveys the features of a slasher film, his concealed identity also inflict fear within my targeted audience .
  8. 8. Here at the bottom of the banner contains the further information about the film when it is released or maycontain the specific date this would be positioned in a cinema or a bus stop it would be a stationary advertisementplug.The information is about the characters who are involved the first character present is the star of the film in my case‘Heather Ross’ this is added in as a Unique selling point , as she is a contemporary star she is relevant and my targetedaudience would be attracted to this. This information also contains everyone who were involved in the production thismay attract other audiences for example , the director would be of interest to his audience and may attract thatparticular demographic.At the bottom of the poster contains information on the production team, distribution company and also the agecertificate rating. The distribution company I used was Fox searchlight It focuses on independent and British films,and horror and is variously involved with the production and/or distribution of these films. This fits in perfectly withmy film as it is a low budget production. The age rating will be decided by the BBFC which dedicate their time toassess what events in a film are appropriate for each age.