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  1. 1. Greene 1Lauren GreeneEnglish 101Professor Alicia BoltonJanuary 30, 2012 One Body, One Bike It was finally here, the best part of summer, Black Bikers, 2011. It was my firsttime going, and I was beyond excited I was pumped. My two favorite girls in the world,DD, and Quan and I were ready to take on Myrtle Beach. Being a mother of two, I wasmore than ready for this vacation. I kissed my kids and told them I loved them, and I wasoff for a long exciting weekend. We finally got to the hotel. My legs couldn’t stop shaking because of hownervous I was. We checked in and immediately, got our things, and headed to the room.The sounds of the bikes were driving us crazy. The only thing we could say to each otherwas, “Next year it will be us on the bikes making the noise and doing burnouts. In controlof a powerful motorcycle what a feeling, we thought. Entering the room, DD gave us ouritinerary for the weekend. We had bike rides lined up for the whole stay, so we each wentto change in our bike gear. Ready for the night, we started walking down to the elevator.Upon our entry was a rowdy bike club of guys. All of them were wearing shades andfancy leather vests with their names engraved on the back. We all gathered into toelevator, smiling and blushing at some of the very attractive members of the group andthey seemed amused by it. They started making little jokes to keep us entertained. Wefinally reached the lobby floor, and night had already fallen. The sky was lit withsparkling lights, and our crew had just arrived to pick us up. They were ready, and sowere their pretty bikes. The girls and I raced to the bikes and jumped on and because we
  2. 2. Greene 2knew the guys, we already plotted ahead on which bike to get. I told my driver to makesure he parked last so I would have a straight run to him, and DD got on the Hybussa thatTerry was driving. She felt that since she was a bigger girl, she needed a bigger bike. Shewas obsessed over it because she had already seen how powerful it was. The smaller bikegave me a sense of security, being a first time rider, and I hopped on. Immediately, Istarted squeezing the life out of Pernell while we were still parked. He started gasping forair, and forced out, Lauren I can’t breathe. I quickly released him and laughed. Iexplained to him that it was my first time and I was nervous. He then told me,"If I knewyou were a virgin rider, I would have switched with you for one of the other girls." Weboth laughed. They all cranked up their bikes. The girls and I got excited. I think I was the onlyone who was nervous. I just put on my happy face and pretended that I was ready. Wetook off, and I felt my heart skip three beats. I held my eyes, shut so tight that it hurt myeyeballs. We went so fast that by the time I had opened my eyes we had come to astoplight, and I felt relieved. The guys were all laughing and talking about how theothers’ bikes were slow. Terry had the Hybussa, so he smiled from ear to ear, knowingthat he could beat the other two bikes. The other guys didn’t like it one bit. That’s whenthe racing began. They all lined up side by side, waiting for the light to turn green. All theguys yelled out to the females all at the same time, "Y’all better hold on." I then grabbedfor dear life, looking at the other girls to see if they were as scared as I was. They were,and by the time I could turn my head back around, we took off. We were going so fast. Ithen realized that I underestimated the power of this motorcycle and had not realizedwhat I got myself into. Then it hit me that not one of us had a helmet on. All these
  3. 3. Greene 3different thoughts were running through my head. The only thing I could do was pray thatwe got to wherever it was that we were going, safely. I tried to open my eyes, but theforce of the wind wouldn’t let me. I could barely catch my breath. (Prying my eyes openwith Pernell’s shoulder), everything was completely blurry. Finally, we came into some traffic. I could feel the bike slowing down. The noisefrom the bikes gave me reassurance. We ended up side by side behind other cars I washappy seeing DD and Quan, and I realized that I wasn’t the only one relieved to stop. Ourhair was flying, and our noses were running. We were very unattractive at the time, butwe were prepared for that. I had my compact in the inner pocket of my vest, and Quanhad a comb. We straightened ourselves before anyone would notice. Traffic was movingslowly, so we had time to talk. Once again, the guys were going on about the bikes. Thegirls and I shared how we were scared, but then strangely DD said how she loved thethrill. That’s when I realized that maybe this wasn’t for me. (Knowing how dangerousthis was, I didn’t want to kill the enjoyment for everybody else). I kept quiet andpretended to be enjoying the moment when all I could think about were my kids and whatwould happen to them if they lost me. Traffic didn’t pick up any, so we all decided to goback to the room and go eat. After about two hours of riding, my inner thighs were sore,and it was a bit uncomfortable on that narrow seat. We got back to the hotel still in shock,I kept smiling. Continuing the whole weekend riding without helmets and speeding.Instead of me opening my mouth and speaking up or even choosing not to ride, I got onthe bikes and continued to ride as if I didn’t know any better. I learned a valuable lesson that weekend. We put our trust in technology notrealizing that it could have cost us our lives. Two months later, Terry was killed on his
  4. 4. Greene 4motorcycle. He had not been wearing a helmet. We all vowed to never ride again withouta helmet.