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Time Management And Time Stealers


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Time Management And Time Stealers

  1. 1. Time Management & Time Stealers By Lauren Cosgrove
  2. 2. Time Management Time is an organisation’s most important resource It’s essential that targets are set and monitored, so that deadlines are met and projects are completed. An organisation must ensure that time is spent productively by closely monitoring tasks and activities Time wasting can be costly for businesses For an employee to be productive they need good time management skills.
  3. 3. Consequences of Poor Time Management Reduced Productivity If an employee has high stress levels, then the Employee will not work to the best of their ability which will produce a poor standard of work. Ineffective Planning of Tasks If an employee is unable to meet deadlines and cope with the completion of tasks then this could have disastrous consequences for the employee and the organisation as a whole. If tasks become unmanageable, then this will result in poor quality of service. Ineffective Completion of Tasks If an employee begins jumping between tasks without completing each one then this results in the employee panicking about all the tasks and as a result becomes stressed and inefficient.
  4. 4. Time Stealers Time Wasting Poor Motivation Interruptions by people or phone calls Not prioritising work Doing other people’s work due to absence Taking to long to perfect work Meetings running longer than expected Not knowing what to do