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Evaluation Question 4


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Evaluation Question 4

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 4 - How did you use media technologies in the construction and research,planning and evaluation stages?
  2. 2. Some of these technologies just assisted me with the steps in the project such as research and planning. Websites such as google, wikipedia, youtube and surveymonkey made pre- production a lot easier than if I didnt have access to these sites. However, many of these technologies were crucial to the task, and the project would have been difficult to complete without them. If I didn’t have access to some of these websites, my research would rely heavily on books, which are useful but muchless practical as this would include travelling to a library. Without surveymonkey, I would’ve had to produce surveys and distribute them by hand which again, would have been time consuming and probably generated less of a response rate.
  3. 3. Even small every daydevices such asmobile phones madethe productionprocesseasier, allowingmembers of our groupto keep in contactas well as castmembers for ourproducts. We alsoused mobile phonesto captureinterviews that weconducted in ourresearch andplanning stages.
  4. 4. SD cards are a fairlySD cards are newanother example of technology, whichtechnology that was makes me thankfulcrucial to our for the increasingproject, SD cards development inmeant that our digital technologypost-production as this in particularcould take place at allowed us to behome and at more creative withcollege as the card our editing skills. Itcould be inserted is a mix of all theseinto any computer technologies whichto continue the made our productsediting process. possible.
  5. 5. Blogger was a very useful Using a blog meant that my tool in my project. I used work was more accessible. I blogger throughout the was able to edit posts andwhole project to document submit work wherever I hadideas and the development internet access, I could evenof the project. I used a blog use my mobile phone to in the same way in my AS access my blog which meant coursework, so I generally that I had unlimited access knew the ways in which a to my blog as I could view it blog worked and that almost anywhere. This is a allowed me to understand huge technological what I was doing a lot advantage that I valued quicker. greatly.
  6. 6. Instead of using one of the cameras provided by college, we decided to use our own equipment that a member of our group had. This gave us slightly more freedom as there was only a limited amount of cameras for students to use at college which meant organising filming days around camera availability. This was useful as some of our filming took place at night. Another advantage of using our own equipment meant that we had more of an idea how to use it due to experience, this meant that we were not going through a learning process at the same time.As well as using our own filming equipment,we used our own editing software, SonyVegas. This had a great advantage as itmeant we could work on our own PC insteadof using Final Cut which is only available onMacs. This allowed us to spend time out ofcollege editing our video.
  7. 7. Sony Vegas
  8. 8. Overall, looking back on my project I have realised how easy it is to take digital technology for granted astechnology is something that my generation spend a lot of time using. Social network websites and other areas of the internet have become such an accepted part of every day life that it is sometimes hard to look at the development of technology in perspective because I have grown up surrounded by it. However, if I had not had access to the different types of technology that Ihad in the process of this project would have been very difficult and somewhat less innovative and creative.