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Teen voice banner competition


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Teen voice banner competition

  1. 1. Are you creative? Enter the LSS Teen Voice Banner Contest and test your talent!
  2. 2. What is this all about? Teen Voice is looking for a student to create a banner for our student publication. We would like a colorful, original design that we can use on every issue! What’s a banner? A banner, or masthead, is the name of the publication that runs across the top of the front page of newspapers.
  3. 3. What should it include? • 1) It must be original artwork created by hand or computer generated. • 2) It must be colorful. • 3) It should measure 3 inches high by 10 inches in length. • 4) It should include the name Teen Voice. • 5) It should have some logo or symbol that represents Teen Voice. • 6) File should be saved as a .tiff and as a .jpeg in “best” quality. • 7) Entries should be sent to Gretchen Hohmeyer, Teen Voice Editor at, make sure you include your name and grade! • 8) Entries should be sent no later than December 20, 2010 to be considered. • 9) Your work will be posted in, and students will vote for best banner. Winning banner will be used in all future editions of Teen Voice.