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Student Council Update - New Mascot


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Published in: Education, Spiritual, Sports
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Student Council Update - New Mascot

  1. 1. Student Council Update!<br />Student Council has passed the final version of the Student Council Bylaws. <br />They met last week and had a virtual party for the five students who worked so diligently to write and revise these bylaws. In their party in Elluminate, they listened to music, got to know each other better, played tons of games, and watched some fun videos together. <br />And the school mascot is…<br />
  2. 2. Also, an official mascot for Laurel Springs was selected this past month. <br />And the school mascot is…<br />
  3. 3. The Peregrine Falcon!<br /> Throughout history, Peregrine falcons have symbolized intelligence, aspiration, light, and determination.  Peregrine falcons are reputed to be the fasted birds in the world, and they have been prized in the field of falconry for many centuries. “Peregrine” comes from the Latin word peregrinus, which means “foreigner”, since the birds are found all over the world on every continent except Antarctica.  This was a very interesting point to the students since we, too, are found all over the world.  The Peregrine falcon evokes a since of strength, freedom, and the ability to rise above a situation.  And in the case of Laurel Springs School students, it represents a thread of unity that ties each of us together, regardless of where we are found on the globe. – Laura Orr, Vice President, Student Council <br />
  4. 4. Congratulations Student Council!<br />You have accomplished many things over the past few months!<br />