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Wildflowers of Mont Blanc


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The wildflowers seen on our Tour du Mont Blanc were spectacular! Indulge in a little armchair travel - even if you have no desire to hike the 160km circuit.

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Wildflowers of Mont Blanc

  1. 1. Wildflowers of Mont Blanc /wildf lowers-mont-blanc The wildf lowers seen on our Tour du Mont Blanc were spect acular! All the other hikers raved about them as well – in some cases more than Mont Blanc itself. The wildflowers definitely contribute to the IT factor that makes Mont Blanc so special. It’s hard to put your finger on what IT is exactly, but there’s no doubt they are a part of it. I’ve written a practical post on how to plan your own Tour du Mont Blanc, but this post is just about indulging in a little armchair travel where the wildflowers take the stage. Without further ado, let me introduce you to the: Wildf lowers of Mont Blanc: I h a ve n o i d e a wh a t th i s fl o we r i s , b u t I l o ve i t.
  2. 2. On a very cloudy day, when Mont Blanc was hiding the wildflowers kept my spirits up. And these ones seen in Chamonix. They’re not wildflowers, but they were just so pretty, and vibrant – that I had to include them: Wi l d fl o we r s s o d e n s e th e y l o o ke d l i ke a ca r p e t.
  3. 3. Th e s e l o o ke d l i ke d th e y b e l o n g i n s o m e o n e ’s g a r d e n , n o t r o a d s i d e .
  4. 4. Wi l d d a i s i e s
  5. 5. Wi l d fl o we r s ch e e r i n g u s o n to th e fi n i s h l i n e b a ck i n Ch a m o n i x.
  6. 6. Who else is a f an of wildf lowers? Any f avorites?